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Magical Mornings – Meal Planning without the Fussing

Guess what is happening at our house?

We are having breakfast every morning without playing let’s make a deal.  My Little Guy is getting up and getting dressed without fussing due to his clothes being ready the day before!  And two weeks ago we added weekly breakfast and lunch planning to make mornings even more magical.  I love it!

On Sunday afternoon Little Guy and I sit down to plan his menu for the week.    The rules are that one protein and one vegetable or fruit has to be present in each meal plan.  Soda, flavored milks and candy are not an option.  These are considered treats at our house.  I do give him a couple of ideas and I also tell him what fruits and vegetables we have on hand for the week.  He is not a fan of vegetables but we work on this habit at dinner time and will have another family Veggie Boot Camp this summer. ( There will be a post on this in the next week.)

I used Microsoft Word to create this page to hang on the bulletin board.  I would like to find a dry erase board later once Little Guy gets into this habit for more than one month.  Having it printed makes it less negotiable.  Once its is printed it is Momma Law.  So far, my son is really enjoying choosing his own meals within the guidelines.

We are loving our magical mornings!  No more fussing!

peace and popcorn,




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  1. I wish I would have done something like that for my girls when they were younger. Maybe my younger daughter wouldn’t have such a sweet tooth if I did! That’s pretty awesome!

    Lovely meeting you this beautiful Monday. 🙂

  2. love the organization. meals would be easier if I did this. Some weeks I make a plan then go grocery shopping and amazed how easy that week is….
    newest fan from blog hop come visit when you get a chance

  3. I have an old serving platter I took an covered the inside with chalkboard paint. When Holidays roll around I use it as a menu board. Same concept. I love that you are on him about eating the RIGHT way. I think its a really important thing a lot of parents dont pay attention too.GO MOMMY!!! 😀

  4. What a great idea to involve your son in making the weekly menu. I haven’t tried that with my kids. My niece usually asks for what she wants for breakfast the night before and she knows she has to pick “real food” like whole wheat pancakes with fresh blueberries. She doesn’t know the waffles are whole wheat, I just buy that kind. I recently discovered an app that helps with meal planning, local sales on groceries, and the grocery list, and wrote about it on my blog. We’ve been on a money saving kick. -Cheryl Marquez

  5. I would like to try this. Looks like it would make things easier. My only problem is that my boys have different pallets…what works for one does not work for the other. I’m sure we could figure something out though.

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