On Turning 40 – The Old Brown Eyes Just Ain’t What They Used To Be

Turning 40 was not so eventful for me. I am not a big party girl and just celebrated with hubby, Little Guy and CL (+current girlfriend). Nothing to wild, yummy shrimp at the local Seafood restaurant and a chance later that night to go scrapbooking at the local Scrap store.

I ate my Jumbo Shrimp plate and left with my van filled to the gills with what is so dear to my heart.
(my husband calls it scrap crap)

I entered the store and the first thing I always do is browse the new scrap mags. I love those pictures,
Especially Basic Grey! Another cropper was standing near by and we started chatting. I told her how much I enjoyed the scrap magazine called Simple but I wish they had stop making the pictures smaller because I could no longer read the by-lines or the words on the scrapbook pages.

She looked at me funny and said. ” Pam, have you had your eyes checked lately?” Me: No, why? “Girl, you need glasses… that print is the same as it has always been.”

My duh light went on… and a week later I was sporting my first pair of ” OMG, I can read again” spectacles.

And this is how my forties began…. I gained one year, another decade and an extra pair of eyes.

Have you had your eyes check lately?




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  1. HAHAHA You crack me up. (+ Current girlfriend) and OMFG I can read agains! You’d dye if you looked out of my specks. I need a something short of a miracle to see 🙂

  2. Well, this was four years ago. I was just thinking I should post it before I turn 50. lol My eyes are going quick and so is my middle. I am trying to eat better for the first and move more for the second.

  3. Following you back from FrugalontheCheap.com. Thanks for visiting! I turn the big 30 this year and while I’m still young, it feels OLLLLLD!

  4. I’m turning 47 soon and taking an extra 3 days off from work, to well, get used to the idea. On one of those days I’m going to get my eyes checked because things are a little too blurry these days. Ughhhh on getting old. : )

  5. Too funny! I’m closing in on 40 but I’ve worn glasses since middle school so the shock probably won’t be too bad! Just stopping by. Already following you from Follow the Leader Weekly GFC Hop. Would love a follow back: blog.writerslairbooks.com if you haven’t already. Thanks!

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