Messy Table Challenge

Messy Coffee Table Challenge


There is nothing more distracting than a cluttered flat surface. For many it can make productivity completely stop. Take for example this cat photo on what appears to be a coffee table. This cat is making a statement. ” Clean up this mess or else!” 

Five Minute Messy Table Challenge

Today’s Five Minutes Messy Challenge is to clean off one flat surface, a coffee table, dining table or counter. Clear the clutter, throw out the trash and donate the junk that is holding you back from the finish line.  I believe most folks can find at least one messy flat surface in their home.  I am pretty sure I can find five or more on any given day.

Life is Messy, Clean it Up!

Check Facebook later today for my messy clean up and post yours if you are feeling rather brave!


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  1. So true..Life is messy and you should clean it up! 🙂 After immigrating from Manila to USA, I’m very good in throwing away and giving away stuffs that I’m no longer gonna need!

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