Boy Bathrooms, Louis Pasteur and The Creepy Crawlies

Busiest Moms in the World Spring Clean Challenge Day 23
We are hanging out in the bathroom today!

Oh boy!  Today we are  cleaning the  bathroom walls. Try not to cringe or gag, maybe do a little CSI and rub some Vicks Vapor Rub under your nose, if it is good enough for over the top television crime scenes, then it ought to be effective for even the nastiest of bathroom walls.  I believe they use the vapor rub to keep from losing their lunch, so to speak.  Therefore, just in case try not to eat a big meal before cleaning anything that may make you sick. Why would I even mention this?

Because if you have boys, they tend to make bathroom walls beyond nasty, they can make a bathroom grow scientific experiments that would give  Louis Pasteur the creepy crawlies.

Let’s Get To It:

I am using plain old water with a bit of vinegar to disinfect the bathroom walls and for tough stains baking soda or the Magic Eraser as a last resort.

But these are you bathroom walls, therefore, utilize what works for your wall’s paint type or wall covering.

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