Miles and Miles of Piles and Piles – Day Two – Kitchen



Do you suffer from  TMP- Syndrome (Too-Many-Piles Syndrome)? Is life moving so quickly that you can’t keep up with the piles? Than this week at will be a very big help for you.  Miles and miles of Piles and piles will start to disappear with a few magic minutes and some good old grit and grinning.   Each day we will tackle a new area or item that tends to pile up. Yesterday, we tackled laundry, so if you need to back track or spend an extra day there then please do so by clicking here and following the simple directions.

Today we tackle the kitchen.

Cleanliness is very important. If you let kids make a total mess in the kitchen and then leave, you’re not really teaching them anything.
Emeril Lagasse

Emeril would probably think I have six  or seven chilren if he looked at my kitchen right this minute. 

Stressed Out Mom in Kitchen

Cleaning up the kitchen piles should be pretty automatic .   However, the hardest part for a busy mom is finding the time, energy and some kind of motivational trigger to get started.

Getting started is the hardest part  for me, once I am on task and noticing the wonderful results of less clutter and nothing piled up burning up my peace of mind  I keep going until all the mess is cleaned up.

And then the a kind of mommy miracle happens, the second I have orderI want to cook.  And cooking creates healthier meals for my family, saves us some money and is really kind of fun if my husband does the dishes afterwards. (Insert huge grin here) 

I am including some general cleaning amongst the pile clearing because this is the kitchen and it gets messy quick.

Lets Get Started:

  1. Empty the trash.  Trash creates clutter, it causes trash build up and congestion in kitchen flow.
  2. Empty the dishwasher or was all the dishes in the sink.
  3. Discard old food  from fridge and pantry.
  4. Put away all stray items, espeically spices and oils that are taking up precious counter space.
  5. Clear off the kitchen table, give it a good cleaning.
  6. Clear of remaining counters and clean them as well.
  7. Put away dishes that you washed.
  8. Scrub the kitchen sink and sweep the floor.
  9. Take out any trash that was gathered in the process.
  10. Give the floor a quick sweep.

That is it!  Celebrate!  You are all rock stars. See you tomorrow you Pile Fighting Awesome People!


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  1. The other day I just took the whole pile off the table and put it on Hubby’s desk as it was all his :). Somehow another pile was laying on the table the next month. It’s an unending battle LOL!

  2. Wow… I love the list. Even just steps 1 through 3 are amazing, step 3 for me being the hardest. I love food and find it hard to toss things out if I *think* I’m going to eat it again (so you can guess what my wardrobe looks like with that type of philosophy and why I’m checking your DAY 1 article next). Fabulous read thanks!

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