Need A Break Moms?

myboys.jpg        I have been parenting for 28 years, well almost, my oldest turns 27 this month and my youngest recently turned 10. I have a whole bunch of experience zooming around in my head. The best tip I can give moms is to realize that despite the mayhem of every day life you are still your child’s rock star mom.  You are their supermom, awesome mom, totally rad mom, you are their perfect mom. But it gets tough.

Looking back over the years and peeking into the future things have really changed and to be quite honest the mom of today has it tougher mentally than any mother of any decade.

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Gone are the years where you can put a folding chair in the back yard and monitor kiddie pool play, or whistle your boys in for dinner at precisely 6:30 p.m. every evening. 

In this decade, your child wandering around the neighborhood with his pals is almost terrifying, you have to set up play dates or if they are past the age of 10, hangouts. (I recently learned the term hangout from my youngest son)  

These days, in the dawn of super, fast technology the world is full of useful information for parents, but it is also full of unseen predators and mega-stress.

I have night terrors thinking about cyber-bullies and creeps hanging out on on-line gaming chat rooms looking for our children!

Not to mention, scanning through hundreds of spam emails, so we don’t miss that important E-invite for the most awesome, best friend’s birthday party in the world.



The mom of today deals with all this technologically induced stress, along with holding down a job, monitoring their child’s education, taking care of a home and that crazy calendar full of daily obligations staring at us, zapping out every minute of every day!

Sometimes we feel like we are going to break into a million pieces.  Break???? 

Oh, I really could use a break.  Some kind of outing, where I could just not worry for a few moments and have a couple of laughs and maybe  a  grown-up drink with other grownups who realize just how overwhelming it all is, this parenting, mommy job.

Well, you are in for a treat, a “Mom’s Night Out”.

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  1. I can’t wait until I can see the film. I wait until it gets on Netflix. I remember my mom would call and tell me she was taking my child for the night. I think it was mostly because they wanted to have time with her but also to give me and then-Hubby a break and time together.

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