Fourth of July, Independence Day Celebration Checklist


The Fourth of July is right around the corner.  I love this day!  It is a celebration of our country’s freedoms and an opportunity to get together with family and friends and enjoy picnics, barbecue, good music and fireworks.  Listed below is a simple 4th of July checklist to make your celebration rock

  1. American Flag – The Old Glory, The red, white and blue symbol of what our country stands for and what it has endured to proudly fly.
  2. A selection of Patriotic Music to put on you IPod or CD player.  Don’t’ forget our good friend Sousa, try  Sousa Spectacular! And don’t forget to have a sing-along of the National Anthem.
  3. Fireworks are a must, and a good place to safely light them if they are legal in you county or go view them some place local.  I like this option, generally its free and the shows are in some areas are really over the top.  We are lucky we can see them from our front yard.
  4. A Lunch or Dinner menu plan – Everyone has their traditions, what are yours?  We love barbecue, corn on the cob, ice-cold watermelon and Smores.
  5. Dinnerware, Flatware, Glassware or disposables, napkins and cocktail napkins are essential and you can find many in the colors of the holiday in red, white and blue.
  6. Big plastic bins full of ice and drinks, a Brita pitcher for water will save you on bottled water.
  7. Assorted pitchers filled with iced tea, lemonade (fresh squeezed is best) and punch.
  8. A collection of indoor and outdoor games suitable for children and adults is great for downtime before your dessert.I like Wiffle Ball
    , Frisbees, horseshoes and crochet for outside.  Candyland, Chutes and Ladders, Charades and Scattergories
    are great choices for indoor games.Extras for the over the top party mom planner:
  9. Tablecloths in smashing red, white and blue or solid red or white, these two colors can be used for several holidays throughout the year.
  10. Assorted bug repellents that are deet free, sun blocks that are child safe. a box of baby wipes are helpful as well and a bottle of hand sanitizer would probably rate use as a Super Mom hostess.
  11. Pots of red, white and blue flowers scattered here and there are beautiful and smell pleasant.  You can add miniature flag to these to give them a little bit of bling.
  12. Fourth of July banners and swags are popular and look really nice again light colored fences and homes.
  13. Conversation starters: I use Trivial Pursuit cards and interesting fact books as ice – breakers at many parties I have at my house.   Last year we used Odd Family Photos as an icebreaker and a book of corny pick-up lines for the adults for the children we had Disney Trivia and a Knock, Knock joke book.

Well, I hope everyone has a safe and fun Fourth of July Celebration!


Peace and popcorn,


P.S.  What cool ideas do you have for parties?  Our party favor this year is homemade barbecue rub in mason jars.  I am calling it Moonshine BBQ Rub, White Ligtning for Meat, Poultry and Fish.


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