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Organize Your Week, Menu Plan, Clean List and Outdoor Inspiration

Organize Your Week

I am so excited for Mondays!  Maybe it is because I do a bit of work in the morning in my jammies with my coffee mug full and not a sound in the world except for the hum of the air-condidtioner taking moments to peek out the window into the sunny backyard. Its constant beckoning to me to come outside and have that coffee in the fresh morning air.

This week I encourage everyone to enjoy at least 20 minutes per day of outdoor time.  Drag yourself away from those electronic distractions, grab a good read or some cool outdoor toys and hangout with your children!  Make this week of summer rock!

Monday – Against the Grain Pizza Night! We are adding Applegate Farm Turkey Pepperoni served with a tomato and cucumber salad with  a lemon/olive oil dressing.

Tuesday –  One Pan Meal – Jerk Chicken Thighs with cauliflower and organic potatoes.

Wednesday  Jalapeno Chicken Burgers with homeade carrot and potato fries pan-caked in the oven. Yum!

Thursday –  Baked Fish ( whichever is freshest and wild caught at the market), Fishsticks (Earth’s Best) for the kiddo served with green beans and a arugula salad with slivers of apples and cucumbers.

Friday –   Freezer Meal – Tandoori Chicken breast, rice, cucumber salad.

Saturday  – Chipotle or Mama’s Hummus

Sunday – Sunday BBQ –  Chicken legs and thighs with lots of lemon and a dash oh honey,  bbq beans, slaw and sliced tomatoes

Busy Mom Spinning Plates

Cleaning List

Cleaning List for the Week – This summer we are picking one room a week to really get in shape!  So one day per week, you will visit the room and decide what needs to be done, schedule it in your calendar and DO IT!

Monday – Deep Clean Kitchen – Choose wisely on major appliance or area to deep clean. This I suggest cleaning and organizing the pantry. It is so much easier to put together a quick pantry meal when the pantry is well-organized and stocked with a few staples.

Tuesday  Bathroom – Give the bathrooms and good scrubbing, especially, tubs, showers, sinks and mirrors.

Wednesday –  Dust and Mirrors and Windows –  Dust all the furniture and doodads, shine all mirrors and windows on the inside.

Thursday – One  More Bathroom – Clear out the clutter, empty the trash and clean shower, tub, toilet and sinks. If you are a super busy mom or dad with little time make sure your clean the toilet and the tub first and then the rest is cake throughout the week.  Finish up your cleaning brigade with fresh clean towels, shiny mirrors and clean and tidy counters.

Friday – Declutter-one area for 5 to 10 minutes or catch up on anything that was missed during the week . Keep it simple, Friday is for family and fun!

Saturday – Linens and extra laundry. Don’t you love the idea of fresh smelling sheets and towels!

Sunday –  Free Day – Family Day – An opportunity for a handson museum visit or a trip to the local library.

P.S. Don’t forget your daily cleaning list!  Click here for a free printable.

Question: What is your favorite outdoor activity when the sun is shining and the heat is not too intensen???? 

You don’t need to spend big bucks for outdoor play. Little ones love bubbles and chalk and the older ones enjoy simple things like frisbees and Nerf Footballs!  Let the games begin!

Have a rocking Monday!

Pam aka Momma



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