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Peach and Yellow Mother’s Day Tablescape

Simple Mother’s Day Tablescape in peaches and yellows. Perfect for a brunch or spring luncheon. My little secret for quick floral arrangements revealed.

Peach and Yellow Mother's Day Tablescape

Peach and Yellow Mother’s Day Tablescape

I have to admit, I love Mother’s Day! Okay, I realize that I am a mom so technically someone else should be designing at a cute table so I can eat some scrambled eggs and bacon while sipping a strawberry guava mimosa, but I don’t see my boys decorating with flowers at any point and especially adding some cloth napkins and real plates!

I enjoy decorating a table for Mother’s day for one simple reason. Because my mom loves setting a pretty table. I live 2,000 long miles away from my momma. This time last year I was actually at home because my dad became very ill and we had to make an emergency flight back. I had almost forgotten just how scary last year was until I was looking for notes on what I designed last year! And the note page was blank!  But it was not a wash.

My dad got better literally while we were flying over the United States and I was able to spend Mother’s day with my mom. Sometimes life’s tough days end up being little gifts along the bumpy road of life.

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Peach and Yellow Mother's Day Tablescape Shop The Table hydrangea table runner | yellow round table placemats White le Creuset dinner plates | similar yellow tulips|

 Hydrangea Table Runner

I was planning the Easter tablescape when I ran across this lovely hydrangea table runner at Homegoods. (Gosh, I love that store!) My daddy keeps hydrangeas in the yard and I have always loved them. I have tried mighty hard to get them to grow in California. For some reason, they just don’t bloom as grand as they do in the midsouth!

The table runner with its elegant pink blooms and green leaves and stems with the lovely aqua background are just gorgeous. This colorful table runner will work for spring and summer! It is definitely a keeper!

Peach and Yellow Mother's Day Tablescape

I needed new tall glasses. For some reason they keep disappearing from the cabinet, never to return. I am pretty sure if I look under my teenager’s bed somethings might turn up, however it is Mother’s Day weekend so I splurged some bucks on some new glasses. 8 tall and 8 short! Woot!  They glasses kind of have a silly name and are made by Libbey. Libbey Awa!  I think these glasses will make a nice addition to our collection because our family is growing and we only had six tall glasses! Three in the cabinet and three MIA!

White lantern on Mother' Day Table

White Lantern on Tablescape

We purchased these lanterns for Christmas this year and was so excited to be able to use them on the table for this Mother’s Day design! I just love the contrast of the blacktop with the white wooden body. I almost added ribbon, but only had blue gingham on hand it was just not the right shade. Bummer!  Here is a similar white lantern. 


Peach and Yellow Mother's Day TablescapeMixing Faux Tulips with Rose Stems

I did a little survey with my Facebook friends to ask if they thought the flowers in the glass vase were real or imitation! Only two folks caught on and they are both decorators by trade! I was pretty happy with my mixed bouquet design and plan to use this little trick often. Here is a similar vase of life-like tulips. 

Peach and Yellow Mother's Day Tablescape

Peach and Yellow Mother’s Day Tablescape

Thanks for stopping by today and taking a peek at the Peach and Yellow Mother’s Day Tablescape! I hope you have discovered a few simple ideas to decorate your next tablescape!

Peach and Yellow Mother's Day Tablescape

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  1. Hello. I have placemats that match your runner and hadn’t considered pairing them with yellow. I also have yellow napkins so this idea is very doable for me. Pretty setting Pam.

    1. I love the table runner! I had no idea there were placemats. Thank you, that means so much because your stuff is gorgeous!

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