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Every once in a blue moon I get a free Saturday. Yep, I said free and  clear, nothing scheduled and Little Guy is hanging out with his dad at the office to catch up on work and father – son time.  Today, I am competing against myself in a little game of tossing (throwing junk away) and PUPA ( pick-up, put- away).

I am turning on some nifty Itunes, choice of the day John Angotti, August Burning, Dolly Parton and Dougie Maclean. John’s music is moving, August Burning is my dear husband’s old band you can find them on Itunes, Dolly is the queen of all things cool and country and Dougie’s Music is a simple joy.

I am moving and grooving today and plan to toss and PUPA as much as this old momma can. Yep, free Saturday.  Why on earth would I spend a free day flinging junky trash and organizing? Because I am going to reward myself by golly.  Is Nordstrom’s having a purse sale? I would love a new handbag. Does flinging all day qualify me for a new handbag?  Maybe not, but if anything I can hang out at the local mall later and dream of a new handbag, sipping a tricked-out coffee mix and maybe browse around for a few super early Christmas and other holiday gifts.
Simple Daily Challenge: Turn on your favorite tunes for a few minutes and toss and do some PUPA action. Your home will be neater and your inner momma joy will shine.

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