Take 5 -For You, It Is Happy You Week!


How many times have you gone shopping to pick up milk, bread and shampoo for the family? How many times have you woke up in the morning and remembered that you have forgotten to get new razors for you or in my case “color safe” shampoo.

We would not dare forget our precious teens super duper hair mousse or the “Axe” scent of the week. But when it comes to our personal needs for general every day items they tend to get put on the back burner.

Today for Happy You Week we are making a GO-TO list for mom items we use on a regular basis. This list will enable us to view items we may need on shopping trips. You can keep your list in a Day Planner, computer file, on your phone if you have a fancy one or just on a plain old piece of paper that you can find when you need it. I enjoy using COZI for my list. It is a free service at cozi.com

What goes on the list? Well, that is a pretty big question because each mom has her own thing. Some moms may use just a few items each day and some moms may have a intense routine, you know the kind fighting Father Time with creams, lotions and scrubs.

Enjoy making your lists! Why, because it is Happy You Week, by golly!

*Tip: It is very useful to write in detail what particular colors and brands of cosmetics you use on a regular basis. This will save time because you have it written down for when ‘mommy brain’ hits  so you won’t accidentally purchase the wrong item.

What items are on you must-have mommy list? What could you simple not live without? Sharing could help trigger an add on to another mommy’s list.

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  1. I love Cozily. I have the mobile version on my Kindle Fire and I take it everywhere. One of the biggest advantages is that you can use it either on or offline… so when I’m at the store with no wi-fi, I can still update. Plus, as long as he does it before I leave the house, my husband can add things to my list.

    All the Cozi-gushing aside, I really like the idea of having a list of “me” things where I can access them quickly. I have a tendency to forget to buy refilled for my razor. Thanks for all the great tips. They’re helping get me back on track.

    1. Thank you Amber! I love Cozi, it is so helpful during family vacations because even my son’s girlfriend can access our schedule and todo’s.


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