Simplifying The Day

Working Moms Need a bit of Tea

Sometimes a mom can feel so busy that she just feels like throwing in the towel.  On those days I keep it as simple as possible. This is my plan for the day and I would love to hear yours.

  • Take a 20 minute walk this morning to clear my head.
  • Work for two hours making sure to get up and walk around every 20 minutes to rest my eyes.
  • Travel through each room in the house and put away 10 items.
  • Pay the bill, its time to quit ignoring what will just no go away.
  • Work on children’s choir stuff for this afternoon.
  • Clear out all the old stuff out of the refrigerator.
  • Pick up my son from school making it a goal to be upbeat with him for the rest of the afternoon.
  • Then of course my day, is homework, rehearsal, dinner and the bed-time routines.

This is really all I have time for once you add in my daily dozen. I would love to have time for a hobby or some free-reading time but it is just not in the cards. I am going to take advantage of my walking time and soak in the quiet.

Simple Daily Challenge: Simplify your to do list today and try to find at least 20 minutes to appreciate what you have. IF you have time write down you blessings and maybe hang out with the kids and do a craft or two.

Have a peaceful Thursday,


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