Take 5 – Love Your Kitchen and Make A Simple Family Dinner

There is not a thing in this world more pleasant than cooking and eating a meal in a tidy kitchen.  And yet, there is not a more daunting task to a parent than trying to keep the kitchen tidy long enough to make that meal.  Yes, the kitchen feels like a 24 hour diner at times with the constant request for cookies and pudding cups but we just have to persevere.

Why? Because many of us have fond memories of family meals from our youth and those of use who don’t sometimes long to make those memories.  And you know what!  We can totally do this.  We can make that meal and make that memory.  We just have to let go of the June Cleaver perfectionist attitude and get with the Real Moms Are Us program.

How?  Well start with the basics with our 5 minute Simple Daily Challenge today.

  1. Take out Trash
  2. Put away stray items. (mostly dishes, juice boxes and popsicle sticks)
  3. Sanitize- Clean sinks and counters.

You can do this!  Turn on some Kick Your Knees Up music and enjoy the journey.  They grow up fast, so take the time to make those simple dinner memories.

We are having hotdogs tonight and I am totally okay with it because they are nitrate free and cook in 4 minutes, 3 if I turn the burner on high! I serve them up with whole grain buns for the boys and gluten free buns for me, add some freshly sliced veggies and dinner is well balanced and finished in less than 10 minutes.  It is a simple family dinner, but I would bet if you were a fly on a wall  you would here my son’s laughter and his crazy methods of talking us out of eating those vegetables.

What is your simple family dinner?

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