Take 5 to Dream – Gorgeous Bathrooms To Inspire Your Cleaning Session

Today is our day to tidy bathrooms.  It is so motivating to go into a room, give it a cleaning and then place freshly laundered pretty towels on the racks and organize a few items to give it that “I love my house” touch.   Are you laughing, I am, busy moms just like to have a clean towel at least once a week and somewhere to put their hairbrush that is not covered in accidental toothpaste explosions. Even if we have our own bathrooms our kids seem to manage to sneak in and create some kind of chaos.

So I give you this, wash your towels today, clean the basics and tidy the counters for just 3 simple minutes.  By washing the basics I mean, anything that your body touches, the tub, the shower and the toilet.  You should be rinsing the sink as you go, but if not give the sinks a good scrubbing.

Now enjoy these fancy pants bathrooms and go tidy up your own!


Its like a secret hide out bathtub…. so cute.
These reminds me of the storybook princesses. 
Breathtaking, this would be my dream cabin bathroom. haha
I could probably make this work, with a cot and a small fridge I could camp here for a few days. hehe
Have a super day!

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