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weekly plan for moms

This year we are going try something new here at Mommacan.com.  Each Monday bright and early I will be posting my personal weekly plan, I will exclude my boring job stuff and choir director details, because they only apply to very few people’s lives and that would be silly.  But in a nut shell, I am sharing my weekly plan as a mom, organizer, wife, chief home operator, accountant, decorator, part-time maid and part-time chef.  Here is the catch!  I would love to hear about your plans for the week either in a comment with a link to your blog, on the Mommacan.com facebook page or even ( gasp) Google Plus if that floats your boat.  I truly believe that sharing our goals will help reach our goals, even if the sharing is just a tiny fragment of what we do each day!

Now let’s get to it!

Organize – We are planning a short visit to see snow which means a good long drive,  snow gear organizing and snow gear packing. I have had it on the back-burner for ages to organize our snow gear and now it looks as if it needs to be moved up to the front. This week, I am organizing snow gear and my travel cosmetic bag.

Cook  Last week I did end up cooking around 80 percent of the whole family meals, so yeah momma!  This week I want to try to reach that goal again along with trying at least one new recipe and utilizing out new kitchen tool, George Foreman Grilll with Removable Plates.

Clean –  There is an odd odor coming from the area rug in the master bathroom that needs addressing. I plan to give it a good cleaning this week and hopefully it will rid the room of that funky smell.

Dream –  This week just for giggles and fun I am going to research dream cruises.  Nothing totally crazy, but just enough fun and fancy to make me smile, after all, you never know what step you might take this year that will enable you to grab a dream off the shelf and live it!

Move –  My movement plan for the week is as follows –  Three days of Curves, four days of 2 to 3 miles walking, one or two Leslie Sansone Videos and 2 circuits of the  7 minute workout.   ( I do not do the side rotation push-up I add another set of high knees) That should make me tired enough to sleep well at night!

Educate –  This week  little guy and I are going to work on creating descriptive sentences utilizing his spelling list from school as well as playing a few rounds of Division and Multiplication War.

Okay, its your turn.

What is your weekly plan?  What special to do is on your notebook planner or calendar this week?

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  1. Wow that is a lot of exercise LOL! I usually cook 99% of our meals. We get take out maybe once every two weeks. Oh and we eat all leftovers :). Love the snow and dream idea 🙂

    1. I would like to work up to around 95 percent with just one meal out a week. I guess I could not count DH’s out meals, but they still cost money so I will.

      Have a wonderful day!

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