The Bare Necessities

Wipeout Wednesday:  The Bathroom

Sometimes we just have to put our hair in a ponytail, push up our sleeves and clean gross things.

Well, at least my bathrooms are gross.


Boys + Bathrooms = Nasty


This includes toddlers, teens and full grown husbands.


So, turn on your grooviest tunes and let’s get down to business.  The business of cleaning nasty bathrooms.


Simple Daily Challenge:  Clean the tub, shower, sink and toilets.  Get out your cleaning tools, get it done as fast as you can and then put the tools away.


Why on earth would I want to clean the bathrooms today momma?

Because despite the lack of putting down the toilet seat, musty towels on the floor and tripping on Hot Wheels and Tea Party cups we love our family and a cleaning the bathroom is a just one of those Bare Necessities.

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  1. Bathrooms….I hate them. Have two, the powder room on the main floor….and the upstairs one which is getting a renovation right now…..the boys (I have four sons and seven grandsons……with one more due any day!) only are allowed to use the one on the main level….just has a sink and toilet….and somehow they always miss the bowl….so I am constantly cleaning that one…..lysol with bleach…….today i cleaned it (no grandkids over) and actually washed off all the fingerprints on my walls……maybe i should have taken pictures, they do grow up….. 🙂

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