Pottery Barn Inspires Me To Get Real and Get Things Done

We are hanging out in the bathrooms this week.  Gross, I know but it must be done.

I enjoy browsing cute and elegant bathroom photos in Pottery Barn magazines and other sales and advertising periodicals.  There is something about those crisp, clean towels, potted ferns, and shiny faucets that just motivates me to do something spectacular for my bathrooms.




But, then reality hits and I think, well, tiny budgets and tiny time frames.  There is just only so much a momma can do, so for today we are going to do just a little to make our bathrooms Get Real Spectacular.

What is Get Real Spectacular?  It just means, we are going to make do with what we have and make it shine to the best of our ability.

Now that does not mean we can’t spruce things up a bit when we have the time and money.  It just means, we don’t have to have a Penelope Perfect Bathroom, we just have to have a nice clean and tidy bathroom.

Pottery Barn inspires me to makes something beautiful and give me the motivation to get things done.  So for today……

Simple Daily Challenge:  Launder the bathroom mats, hand towels, wash rags, and bath towels.  That is so simple! But there is nothing better than the fresh scent of clean towels after a good hot shower.


You Rock Mommas!

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