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Momma’s Weekly Plan


Spring Blossoms

Each Monday bright and early I  post my personal weekly goals. These weekly goals will focus on organizing, cleaning, cooking, decorating, and dreaming. I hope that sharing my goals will give me the needed boost to see them through and also to help other moms get motivation to see their goals through as well.  We busy moms need all the help we can get! I would love to hear about your plans for the week either in a comment with a link to your blog, on the Mommacan.com Facebook Page or even ( gasp) Google Plus if that floats your boat.  I truly believe that sharing our goals will help us to reach our goals.

weekly plan for moms

Organize – This week I have two spots that need a bit of attention. The right drawer on my desk is going to be updated with white organizing bins instead of black. I just feel I need to brighten up the spot it is really more for a visual update.

The second spot is the bathroom cabinets. We do not have a linen closet and I really need to find a place for towels and bulk items like toilet tissue and extra shampoo.

Cook –  I found some gorgeous strawberries and yummy Brussels sprouts at the local farm this weekend and am making a roasted Brussels sprout salad with dried cranberries and pecan and am making a luscious strawberry salad for dinner tonight with grilled chicken.

( Look at the minimal items in this laundry room, inspiring! But, where do they keep their stuff???)

Clean– I am doing my suggested Easter Spring clean-up but also adding a 15 minutes here in there deep cleaning a few of our most used rooms. The bathroom, the kitchen and the laundry room need a little extra love this week in the way of clearing out clutter and cleaning shelves.

Dream- I am gazing at pretty Easter decorations and spring flowers so much that I am sure to add a bit of color for spring in our house this week.


Big Dream  –  My bucket list grew this week when gazing at the gorgeous Blue bonnets of Texas so I have added a trip to Lady Bird Johnson’s Wildflower Reserve to my list and would love to capture photos of those flowers as early as next spring!

Now it is your turn!  What is your plan for the week?  I would love to hear all about it!



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