Finishing Up The Kitchen and Feedburner Changes

What a beautiful morning here in Southern California.  The sun is shining, the birds are singing and Google has stopped Feedburner out of the clear blue sky.  Feedburner is how many of the Simple Daily Challenge readers get the daily challenge.

Feedburner is gone and quickly like ripping off a bandaid with a surprise attack.

So please, bookmark this page, join us on Facebook and I will look for a new way to send you challenges as fast I as I can come up with one.  I was gong to say Google Plus but now I am concerned about inviting everyone to join a service that may disappear in a month or so.  But I am watching it very closely, you can bet you britches I am.

This actually makes me kind of happy.  I have been wanting to move the recipes to a regular recipe blog so that they could be printed and that moms who loves to cook could  more readily find our super, healthy, simple recipes. I am taking this as a positive sign (feedburner dissapearing) to move forward with what my vision is for Momma Can.  The recipe blog will be attached to Momma Can and you will not even notice a change except in the heading.  I love technology.


Hooray for change!  Hooray for calorie free icecream!  (just kidding on the last one)

Hooray for finishing up the kitchen!





Simple Daily Challenge:   Vacuum and mop the kitchen floor and tidy up what is left from the breakfast dishes and any kind of clutter.  Take a little momma break, because this kitchen is clean by golly.


p.s. I have no idea if this post will show up in your inbox today but it just might.  I appreciate Google and its boost to small businesses and charities by giving the search engines a good cleaning so that they can get a fair ranking.  I just wish that would give a little notice on big changes.

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