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Three Simple Tasks and a Cup of Joe

Today I am cooking, cleaning and thinking of my home back in Tennessee. By now, all the houses have spring flowers blooming in the frontyard with a matching DIY Michae’s wreath.  I am a bit homesick. So I am going to cook a little, clean a little, work a little and then call my very own momma.

Join me in three simple tasks:

1. Dishes– zip through the house and gather up all the stray glasses and dishes. Empty and reload the dishwasher or wash them all up by hand. Then clean the sink. A tidy sink is a happy sink and will make cooking dinner for your family tonight much easier.

Fasta Pasta

2. Cooking– Choose something simple so you have more time to get stuff done. We are having a simple meal of spaghetti and salad. Using my new favorite tool in the whole wide wold for my kitchen the Fasta Pasta The Microwave Cooker.

I love it, its dishwasher safe, cooks perfect al dente pasta in 10 minutes flat.

3.Clearing out every single email in my computer inbox. Lately Spam has been going crazy and  I am receiving so many emails. It is making me bonkers. So, take 5 minutes and delete as many as you can. I like a tidy Email-Inbox!

Then when I am finished I am going to make myself a cup of coffee and call my momma to ease a bit of my homesick blues. Is there someone you have been meaning to call? Do not put off time with people you love even if it’s just a simple email or a phone call.

Have a rocking day!


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  1. Oh my, clearing out all your emails? That’s a herculean task! Good luck Pam!
    Ooh the microwave pasta cooker, now that is a good idea.

  2. I completely agree with you on the clean sink! My children load the dishwasher after dinner, and it’s so frustrating to see a sink with food all over it because they thought it was too gross to rinse. We’re still working on that.

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