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30 Favorite Deviled Egg Platters

Hi Friends! Today I am sharing our favorite devil egg platters. I LOVE deviled eggs, from plain old mayonnaise and mustard stuffed to extra spicy jalapeno and extra yummy tuna stuffed! There are many varieties for deviled egg recipes and the platters we serve them in are plentiful as well!

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Favorite Deviled Egg Platters

Yes! How about some gorgeous eye candy! My favorite deviled egg platters! Eggs are a delicious and nutritious food. A good deviled egg has simple ingredients with a beautiful hint of color on top using fresh micro greens and chives or something spicy, like crushed red pepper or a good dash of Hungarian paprika. They can be used in so many ways, from breakfast to dinner. I love deviled eggs, but it’s always been very hard for me to make them look nice on a platter. However, after finding these gorgeous egg trays that are designed specifically for deviled eggs (and other delicacies), I’ve discovered how easy it is to take your food presentation up a notch!

Clear glass is versatile and a solid choice for you deviled egg platter.

The clear glass egg tray is a great way to serve deviled eggs at your next luncheon.

You can serve deviled eggs with the clear glass egg tray. The glass ensures that the presentation of your delicious deviled eggs will be picture perfect, while also keeping them safe from any accidental spills or splashes. The clear glass allows guests to see exactly what they’re getting when they reach for an egg in this appetizer platter.

The best part about using these trays for serving deviled eggs is that they are easy-to-clean! You can simply place them in the dishwasher after use or wash with warm soapy water if you want to hand wash these items yourself.

The classic white ceramic tray is perfect for Easter or any springtime themed event.

The classic white ceramic tray is perfect for Easter or any springtime themed event. The round shape makes it ideal for serving deviled eggs, but the tray can also be used throughout the year to serve other snacks, appetizers and desserts. Sometimes the classic white is white porcelain, which is a little pricy, but beautiful.

Small and large egg trays are available. The small size is about 5″ in diameter and 2 1/4″ tall; the large size measures 10″ across at its widest point (the top) by 3 1/2″ tall. Both sizes are available from Amazon with Prime shipping so you can get them quickly when you need them!

Mackenzie Child Egg tray in courtly check, this design is timeless!
Shop this super cute Mackenzie Child Egg Trayhttps://shopstyle.it/l/bTyuU

The black and white tray is the perfect addition to a casual dinner party or picnic.

The black and white tray is the perfect addition to a casual dinner party or picnic. It’s easy to clean, and it can be used for any occasion. The classic Mackenzie Child design makes it versatile, too: you can create a gorgeous tray of chocolate-covered strawberries for Valentine’s Day, or use it as a base for your next backyard barbecue!

Fantastic for any casual get-together, the Fiesta egg plate comes in fun mix-and-match colors to lend your home an air of celebration. In lead-free china, this dish stands up to dishwasher, oven and microwave use.

Fiesta Egg Tray! Add a pop of color in so many beautiful choices!

This egg tray is part of the Fiestaware Collection and is made from durable, chip-resistant earthenware. The vibrant shade of yellow will be perfect for serving eggs at your next breakfast or brunch gathering. And don’t stop at YELLOW! This comes in a variety of colors.

Wood deviled egg tray
Deviled Egg Board Tray / Deviled Egg Platter Charcuterie Board 

The newish style, the wood board egg tray!

What a wonderful addition to farm style decor! And many of the wood board style egg trays are also flat serving trays on the other side! Perfect! I have a basket filled with different styled trays and I am really interested in adding this super cute wooden egg tray to my collection.

Long Deviled Egg Tray white porcelain, gorgeous and modern
Shop this style at Amazon.

An egg tray will dress up those tasty deviled eggs!

An egg tray is a great way to dress up deviled eggs. They come in many styles and can be used for other types of food as well. You can even use them for parties or get-togethers!

Shop below for huge selection of over 30 plus styles of deviled egg platters. Just place your cursor over the ones that spark joy!

That’s a Wrap!

The best thing about deviled eggs is that they can be served in so many ways! They’re a great appetizer to bring to any party and make for a tasty snack or even breakfast. With these trays, you can serve your deviled eggs in style without having to worry about breaking dishes or spilling food on the tablecloth–they’re made from durable materials that will last through years of use!

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