Time To Organize Your Life Mom – By The Hour

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Today I am going to spend time organizing my schedule by blocking out hours for specific tasks.  I know this is probably  not the perfect time-management plan for moms, but at this time it seems like a good fit for the simple fact it may keep me sane with my super full calendar that reflects Book Fair and Back to School everything.

For years paper-day planners have had time slots and if you are a stay at home mom or work at home mom you thought, well those slots are for busy executives, professionals and other such “important” jobs.


Well, managing children, volunteer work, part-time work, full-time work and a home is crazy, busy and important in so many ways.  Your well managed schedule will be reflected in how your children manage their time as they grow closer to teen year and especially college and adult life.

You are their biggest teachers and greatest source of inspiration for a productive and awesome life when they become mommies and daddies!

Question: How do you organize your time throughout the day?

Simple Daily Challenge: Spend 15 minutes or less organize your calendar or daily schedule.  Write a short to-do list for the rest of the day and then GO OUT and be the awesome moms that your are!

Really Loving this Mom Day Planner from Amazone  It has so many interesting things to motivate you in all your do!

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