Twelve Stale French Fries and One Juice Box


Today is Wipeout Wednesday! We are back in our moving momma homes, you know the family car. Today we are zipping through a wiping down the dashboard and all the doodads and buttons we push in order to make things work. I am just using a microfiber towel, but you may have a cleansing product and other tools at home that you would like to use.

This is basically just dusting and should only take one minute or so, two if its particularly dusty. In many cases you will find random ketchup fingerprints and other mildly disgusting things. Deal with these accordingly and if you find something really strange please post it in the comments.

This is so fast you can take another couple of minutes and gather up more clutter and throw away more trash. I would bet if I went down in to my car this morning I could find at least 12 stale french fries and one juice box. Thankfully, we have outgrown carseats. I can remember lifting those up and being quite mortified at the moldy treasures underneath those nifty chairs.

Now, don’t just sit there, lets get busy and do the challenge so we can mark off one tiny item on our super sized-mom to do list!

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