Breaking Down Tasks Into Small Bites

Sometimes when I feel completely overwhelmed or out of my Momma Groove I simply reboot my day.

I act as if I just woke up, make myself a cup of coffee and sit down and read a few emails or just browse the internet in reckless abandon. In other words I am restarting my morning routine. 

Then I take my Momma-sized To Do list and break it down into the smallest bites possible.




For example:

Design Fall Choir Registration:

  1. Take out last year’s registration form
  2. Find this year’s school registration for changes from last year, especially natural disaster response and contact information.
  3. Design the form with the new additions in 15 minutes.  If I give myself a time slot I move a little more rapidly.

You can really do this with almost any volunteer or work project and it truly helps get many things done that otherwise may just sit on the To Do list until you finally have to scramble to get it finished before the deadline.

Only we, super, busy, moms know what it feels like to get something done while spinning three plates, making dinner, doing laundry and changing diapers at the same time and to get it finished on schedule or ahead of schedule is simply pure magic.


What project are you sitting on that needs to be broken down into small bites?  

When we learn to make a habit of breaking down larger tasks into smaller bites we will be fast approaching the perfect Momma Groove.



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  1. I should have done this this past weekend. However, even if I did I would probably having got all the #1s of each project done, maybe a#2 and never would have actually finished any of them.

    1. I know, but a starting a task is better then letting it sit. I have discovered in my my day job that if I let things sit for too long they tend to get more complex or difficult.

      Happy Busy=Mom Monday!


  2. I have been so completely overwhelmed with everything lately & this is really great advice. I find that sometimes when I have so much on my plate, I end up feeling paralyzed by all that I have to do and then I don’t get anything done at all. Things aren’t so daunting if you take them one at a time!

  3. I love your “rebooting the day” idea and just kind of starting the morning over, it really works! When feeling overwhelmed or in the midst of chaos, I’ll step back and just be for a little while. Breaking things down into smaller pieces is great advice as well. Just found your site and taking a look around 🙂

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