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Dirty Dozen Busy Mom Daily Routine


Dirty Dozen Busy Mom Daily Routine, the perfect number to create a daily routine for busy mom.Dirty Dozen Busy Mom Daily Routine

I  enjoyed my Dirty Dozen for the Holidays so much that I decided to revise and use this routine throughout the rest of the school year.

  1. Coffee, check emails, Make my Bed
  2. 5- minute power walk- to clear my head
  3. 5- minute pick-up – to keep the clutter monster from taking over my home.
  4. Make breakfast and lunches
  5. Laundry Booster- Laundry is usually accomplished on the weekends but if something needs washing like a Gi, school spirit shirt or my favorite yoga pants I do this in the morning.
  6.  30 minutes of planned movement- planned and written on my calendar. Sometimes I have to divide this up into 3 sessions to make sure I get it done.
  7. Organized Homework Session- Being organized for homework is key and having it at a regular time each day keeps the meltdowns to a minimum. I make sure everything is available that my child needs to accomplish his homework before we begin and allow him to choose which subject he would like to begin with and we finish with reading.
  8. Planned Dinner- Planning a meal ahead of time is worth the effort, it keeps the family away from fast-food and saves money. A win, win, scenario in my opinion.
  9. Kitchen Clean-up: Nothing makes me feel more accomplished like a tidy kitchen in the evening.
  10. Calendars and Lists-: Before bedtime: I check my calendar for what is coming up tomorrow and what I may need to add from my notes and email. If I do this every day nothing gets missed. If I skipped a day, little Guy will not have his yellow t-shirt on to be the squash in the school play.  I also keep detailed lists of every single project I am working on, be it for work, school, choir, or home. These are updated throughout the day and reviewed at night.
  11. Bedtime routine: teeth, face, pajamas etc….
  12. The day is done: I read a bit and watch mindless television with my husband before I konk out.

Do you have a daily routine or Dirty Dozen?

If so then please share, you never know what you may write that will give some momma out there in the world wide web the boost that they need.


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  2. i just love your routines ,thats the way to get things done, you rock

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