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What’s For Supper #51 Cheap Back To School Dinners

Cheap Back To School Dinner Ideas | Free Get Organized for the NEw School Year Course | Back To School Dinners

I am toasting the middle of August this morning with my cup of coffee and hint skim milk. This is post #51 of our Hey Momma, What’s for Dinner with Cheap Back To School Dinners. I am excited to share our menu and ask a very important question. Are you and the kiddos organized for this school year? 


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We are booting up our family journey today! Each year we let go of the outgrown stuff and books that we can hand down to younger kids. I am always surprised at how much clutter we let go of each year to make room for much-needed growth in learning. Not to mention outgrown clothes and shoes!


Buttery Lemon Parsley Noodles – Budget Dinner

Busy Times, Quick Affordable Dinners, Back To School Dinners

With the idea of getting the house ready for a successful school year, dinner is going to have to be quick. With the added cost of a new school year, dinner is going to have to be cheap. Yep, cheap, cheap, cheap. The one place I can always squeeze an extra nickel seems to be the food budget.

Here is our menu plan for the week:

  • Monday – Simple Pasta, Sliced Strawberries  The berries are still plentiful here and Southern California and my growing teen can eat a flat in one day.  The pasta is this easy recipe. This is a bargain dinner when strawberries are in season.  Grab the Recipe Here. Parsley is optional, but I love it.  Lemon Parsley Pasta with Rich Butter
  • Tuesday – Quesadillas with Shredded chicken, cheese, and some scallion for flavor. Simple but good when you add some serious chili, garlic, and cumin to the chicken. I grab a Whole Roast Chicken from the market, debone and shred or chop the chicken depending on my mood. Then I squeeze the juice of 1 lime and sprinkle some chili powder, cumin, and garlic. So Good! Add salt, if you feel the need.


  • Wednesday – DIY Sandwich Night We are crazy busy this day.  THis is a perfect day for DIY sandwiches. This is so easy and a family favorite. I just buy cold cuts, cheeses, and slice up some tomato and red onion for a sandwich feast. Kettle chips are a fantastic side and a real treat.
  • Thursday – Grilled Meat – I know this is general. I pop over to the market and look for the best deal. If I find some amazing steaks, then we will eat steak. If there is a crazy good deal on pork loin… well you guessed it pork loin. I just know after all these meals with pasta and bread it is time for a good meal with Meat and vegetables.  I keep a big bag of frozen vegetables from Costco. Even the organic frozen is a great deal. Grill the meat, cook up some vegetables and we are eating in no time at all!
  • Friday – Dinner Out
  • Saturday –  Hotdogs On Grill with Salad and my amazing Spicy Hashbrown Casserole also known as Funeral Potatoes.
  • Sunday – Leftovers from Grilled Meat Night, Hashbrown Casserole, and Fresh Fruit and/or Ice Cream

Cheap Back To School Dinner Ideas

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