Five Southern Dinner Ideas {with sides}

Southern Dinner Ideas are a must in your cooking arsenal. Southern food is full of finger-licking goodness and comfort. From crispy fried chicken to cornbread and green beans, there is something for everyone!

Five Southern Dinner Ideas {with sides}

Southern Dinner Recipes For Families

We are sharing some good-ole southern cooking dinner ideas, complete with two sides and links to amazing desserts. Enjoy this palate adventure! Save room in your tummy for a root beer float or a big slice of pecan pie.

Extra Crunchy Juicy Fried Chicken Legs

1. Fried Chicken Dinner

What is not to love about a fried chicken? And our recipe is the crispiest I have ever made! If you want extra crunch, this is a recipe you will completely love! Serve it with some mashed taters, and green beans cooked with fresh tomato and yummy goodness.

Dessert: Texas Cowboy Cookies!

2. Pork Chops and Taters

Who loves a good thick-cut pork chop, juicy, and easy on the spice. A crowd-pleasing way to serve pork is always good for supper. Fix it up with some old-fashioned buttered taters and cook two to three cups of frozen green peas with a pat of butter and a hint of sea salt.

Dessert: Southern Ambrosia Salad truly a bit of heaven.

No Soak Vegan Pinto Bean Recipe and easy recipe using simple kitchen tools.

3. Beans and Cornbread

Beans and Cornbread are a simple fare that is a staple in many southern households. Savory beans with old-fashioned cornbread (no sugar or just a pinch, y’all!) Cook up a pot of greens and you are in country heaven!

Dessert: This meal is heavy, so lighten up dessert with some homegrown or locally grown berries with a little whipped cream topping.

Southern Belle Cobb Salad Recipe

4. Southern Belle Cobb Salad with Iced Mint Tea

Southern Belle Cobb Salad is just filled to the brim with southern goodies. Crunchy pecans, crispy homemade fried chicken tenders, sweet grapes, and crunchy bacon.

Serve it with a sweetened iced mint tea and you will be in sitting on a cloud singing a cheerful tune.

Dessert: Banana Pudding (Oh my heart!)

Grilled Ribeye Steak

5. Grilled Steak and Corn with Country Potato Salad

I can’t think of a person who loves a good hearty dinner turning down a grilled steak with a buttery ear of corn and a good heap of homemade potato salad. This is a weekend treat in the form of a good southern dinner idea.

oven roasted fresh corn on the cob | mommacan.com easy recipe

Top this delightful supper off with an old-fashioned root beer float. Grab some mugs and pop them in the freezer to make them ice cold. Add two scoops of ice cream and pour a can of yummy root beer on top. Serve with straws and a long spoon. Yum!

Or try an amazing Southern Pecan Pie! Yum!

Southern Supper Is Joy!

I hope you have found some dinner ideas for your family! I feel that southern dinner ideas come from the heart. This is what dinner time should be about love, happiness, and celebration of family and friends.

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