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What’s For Supper #58 Roasted Chicken Meat Recipes

Hi sweet friends! This week at Momma’s house we are sharing yummy recipes that use Whole Roasted Chicken!  Roasted Chicken Meat Recipes make it so easy to whip dinner together in an instant. I mean seriously what better way to plan dinner? You can make an Italian roasted chicken and then zap the leftovers into an amazing salad the next day. Then Bam! Turn the leftover bones and some vegetables into an amazing chicken stock for vegetable soup. And hold me back dear heavens, pulled chicken burritos, tacos, or enchiladas are so amazing.  The best part about tacos and burritos, the kids can DIY their own!

30 Ways Your Can Use Leftover Whole Roasted Chicken Meat, these roasted chicken meat recipes are amazing!



What’s For Supper #58 Roasted Chicken Meat Recipes

30 Ways You Can Use Leftover Whole Roasted Chicken Meat!  Your family might get tired of you grabbing a Rotisserie Chicken from the local market, but not anymore! Use this recipe idea list and make an amazing recipe with Whole Chicken Meat!

>>>>>> Amazing Recipe Break <<<<<<<


That is the first of our amazing Roasted Chicken Meat Recipes. I wanted to take a moment and share my RockCrok Recipe for Microwave Roasted Chicken! It is pretty darn good and will not heat up the house if you are in the dead of summer and need a roasted chicken. The Pampered Chef RockCrok is amazing!

This is not your average roasted chicken, but it still rocks, actually it RockCroks!

That was the best of the Roasted Chicken Meat Recipes using a fabulous casserole dish. Now on to more yummy recipes!

And that is a wrap! Or should I say Chicken Wrap!

I hope you find a little inspiration to make some amazing dinners this week using Whole Roasted Chicken. You can make the whole chicken at home or pop over to the local grocer and buy a couple of rotisserie chicken!  These are truly some of the Best Chicken Meat Recipes on the block!  Find more recipe ideas on our What’s For Supper Page!


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