Cleaning House Is No Game, Or Is it?

Cleaning House Is No Game, Or Is it? Join us to get your home ready for the holidays! A clean house is a happy house! Cleaning House Is No Game, Or Is it?


Cleaning House Is No Game, Or Is it?

I was picking up the house this morning, stewing over what I needed to do for the day to be productive yet still have time for some family fun and thought to myself today should be a game day.

So to kick-off the cleaning portion of our Holiday Shine Challenge we are going to play a few rounds of Clutter Busting Quarter Flip.

I kept asking myself this morning. What can I do to make these Holiday Shine Challenges Fun!  So TADA! A Game!

Here is the link for the game rules

And to keep you on track:  Here is a list of rooms to do during the game.

  1. Bedrooms- Everyone who plays clutter-busts their own room.
  2. Family Room
  3. Bathrooms
  4. Kitchen
  5. Car-  I put the car in this game today because if the family pitches in the, one person per door, you could have the whole car tidied in 5 minutes or less!

Hey, sweet busy mommas! If you are new to the Holiday Shine Challenge Find the kick-off page here. 

And grab your fee holiday shine printables in our Amazing Resource Library!


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