2 Minute Bathroom Counter Challenge

Simple Saturday: 2 minute Challenge with Before and After Shots

Take 2 simple minutes and tidy your bathroom counter.
Yes, Two minutes! I was totally surprised at how much I could accomplish in two minutes yesterday morning.

Right of the bat you can see my stuff is taking over my husband’s side of the counter. This normally does not please him.



In two minutes this is what I accomplished. And no, I did not throw the rest of the stuff into the bathtub across the room. I actually put things in their proper spots. I was not happy with the look. I have never actually taken a photo of our bathroom because I had hoped to have it remodeled at some point. But, there is just so much to do to maintain a house and the bathroom keeps getting knocked down the every growing home project list.

Monday I will show how I fixed it up a bit more with a couple of cheap purchases from Target.

What can you do in two-minutes?


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  1. I like the idea of tidying up for only 2 minutes. I usually think rearranging the contents of my bathtoom shelves takes too much time but in reality, it only needs a few minutes. Will get a timer and head to the bathroom now.

  2. In two minutes I can clean my bathroom mirror. You are motivating to clean up all of the clutter that has accumulated since I had the baby.

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