Miles and Miles of Piles and Piles Day Three- The Desk


Do you suffer from  TMP- Syndrome (Too-Many-Piles Syndrome)? Is life moving so quickly that you can’t keep up with the piles? Than this week at will be a very big help for you.  Miles and miles of Piles and piles will start to disappear with a few magic minutes and some good old grit and grinning.   Each day we will tackle a new area or item that tends to pile up. So far we have tackled clothing and the kitchen.  These where super big tasks for many people so today we are going to lighten the load so that you can revisit day one and two as time permits.

Desk PIles

Today we tackle the desk or home office zone – piles.  

Essentially we are clearing out piles where we maintain our household paper  stuff( bills, receipts, school papers, coupons, etc.). Each and everyone one of us is going to have a different pile to clear so to keep things simple we are just going to set up a good  set of music or grab a cutesy timer and work diligently on our desk piles for 15 solid minutes.

Now, if you have three toddlers and a pet or two at home, then divide this task into three bits of five minutes.  Children and pets  are funny, the minute they realize your attention is on something they get interested in what you are doing and come over to either help create a little chaos or ask for a snack or cuddle time.  That is the joy of being a toddler, super cute puppy or aristocratic cat, “the world is their oyster:

Let’s Get Started:

Set your timer or turn on and listen to around four really groovy tunes and toss the trash, file the papers, pay the bills, clip the coupons and empty the trash.  Do a little P.U.P.A action and you will be finished and the piles will be smaller and you will have that goofy grin on your face that only a busy mom can have when a job was accomplished amid chaos.

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    Since we moved we have more space but decided to do away with my desk. Hubby has a desk in the media room and we have a desk in the bedroom just because I wasn’t sure if I wanted to throw it away. But my “corner’ of the house is in my living room with a table lamp. I read and write a lot in my comfty chair. I sometimes accumulate a little pile with papers and books but happy to say I make it a point to at least organize it daily LOL.

    Great posts!
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