Kick Bathroom Clutter to the Gutter

Busiest Moms in the World Spring Clean Challenge Day 24

We are hanging out in the bathroom today!


Kicking Clutter to the Gutter


Well, I don’t mean this literally, you know that right?  That would be considered polluting and that is not cool.

But what I do mean is, we are going to be getting rid of needless clutter in the bathrooms today.


I was going to suggest cleaning the bathtub and shower, but when I went upstairs to take a look around, I decided that cleaning the bathroom would be so much easier if we attacked clutter first.


So, as a test, I chose one  good old fashioned country song (Dolly Parton’s Get to Livin’) and zipped around with my trash bag and threw out stuff I felt I no longer needed.  It was a large kitchen bag and I filled it up quite nicely.  Please note: That I also went ahead and emptied the trash bin while I was filtering through the clutter.


What did I get rid of?

This and that, stuff that I do not need, bad lipstick choices, empty boxes and bottles, old cosmetics and some stinky perfume that reminded me of Axe if Axe products were actually made for women. And and the most embarrassing a facial massager mask to keep my youthful appearance.  This was a definite impulse buy and when I tried the contraption out it was actually kind of painful not to mention I looked like Jason from Friday the Thirteenth.


Let’s Get To It:


Grab a trash bag and get rid of bathroom clutter.

Keeping in my a simple rule of thumb.

Do I really need this?


When in Doubt, Throw it Out!

Clutter takes up precious time and time is something busy moms simple do not in abundance. Less clutter will make cleaning simpler and clutter will encourage better organization.

Have a Rockin’ Momma Day!


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  1. I just did this with my home office. It’s incredible how many things I have lying around that I don’t need! It feels good to get rid of stuff, but it’s a real challenge to keep it neat and uncluttered for long!

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