100 Clutter Club Monday- Fight Clutter

It is Monday! We are Fighting Clutter Crime by picking up and putting away 100 pieces of clutter or trash in 10 minutes!


How on earth can we do this momma?


Well, we count legos, trash and random Barbie doll clothing items. We count unloading the dishwasher or loading the dishwasher. We count it all! If you have socks spread all over the house consider it a clutter scavenger hunt.

The best part about fighting clutter on Mondays is that we are moving forward in a positive way at the very beginning of a brand new week.

So come on mommas, let get to it.

Turn on some groovy tunes and lets fight some clutter only the way rockin’ mommas know how to do! With Attitude!  With a Smile!  With visions of chocolate or a cup of tea!

We are all winners on fighting  clutter on 100 Club Mondays!


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