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100 No Candy Easter Basket Ideas

Easter is just around the corner. I love planning ahead for my kids’ Easter baskets. This gives me an opportunity to buy items to fill the basket that fit their interests,  surprise them, and especially allows me not to just power buy a bunch of sweets that in the end will either end up in the trash or give them sugar crashes that fill my husband and me with regret.  Listed below are 100 No Candy Easter Basket Ideas to give you tons of ideas on what to put in your children’s baskets this year.


Check out this list of 100 Easter Basket Stuffer Ideas ( No Candy)

100 No Candy Easter Basket Ideas

  1. Activity Books – Mad Libs are a hit for Tweens and some Teens
  2. Animal Books –  We love “Duck and Goose, Here Comes the Easter Bunny
  3. Army Men – Timeless and Inexpensive 
  4. Baby Items ( Suitable for infants, teething rings, wipes, small toys and baby-friendly books)
  5. Balloon Animal Kit 
  6. Balls – Nerf Footballs are great.
  7. Baby Doll – A classic for all little ones.
  8. Baby Doll Accessories
  9. Barbie – Easter Barbie 
  10. Barbie Accessories
  11. Barrettes
  12. Bath Toys
  13. Bathtub Crayons
  14. Beach Toys
  15. Beyblades ( Make the stadium the basket!)
  16. Bubbles
  17. Bucket and Pail
  18. Building Blocks
  19. Bunny Slippers
  20. Butterfly Garden
  21. Cards (standard deck, old maid, Go fFsh, UNO, etc)
  22. Cash (Seriously, My kids love cash)
  23. CD – or Itunes Gift Card
  24. Children’s Bible
  25. Chuck E. Cheese Tokens
  26. Coins in Plastic Eggs
  27. Colored Pencils
  28. Coloring Books
  29. Construction Paper
  30. Craft Kit
  31. Crayons
  32. Dollar Bills
  33. Drawing Pad
  34. DVD – So many to choose and Itunes Gift Card with a suggestion works as well.
  35. Earrings
  36. Etch-A-Sketch (small)
  37. Fairy Garden
  38. Flashlight
  39. Frisbee
  40. Fruit Snacks
  41. Gardener Tool Set
  42. Gift Cards
  43. Glitter Glue – Keep that glitter neat for craft projects.
  44. Glow Rings
  45. Goldfish Crackers
  46. Granola
  47. Ink Pad and Stamps (bunny, eggs, chicks, etc.)
  48. Jacks and a Ball
  49. Journal and pens
  50. Juice or Milk Boxes
  51. Jump Rope
  52. Kazoo
  53. Kite
  54. LeapFrog Readers or Games
  55. Legos (Easter)
  56. Legos Batman, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Star Wars
  57. Lip Gloss
  58. Magic Grow Capsules
  59. Magic Kit
  60. Magic Treasure Rocks
  61. Marbles
  62. Markers
  63. Matchbox Cars
  64. Melissa & Doug Puzzles
  65. Mini Water Gun
  66. Modeling Clay
  67. Movie Tickets – Find out the local Fandango theater, I usually buy Fandango
  68. Nail Polish
  69. Necklaces
  70. Nuts
  71. Ocarina ( for the music lover)
  72. Paint Kit
  73. Plastic Gardening Tools – Melissa and Doug
  74. Play-Doh
  75. Pokemon Cards (Kids still love the cards, the APP has lost it’s cool)
  76. Pretzels
  77. Punch Balloon
  78. Puzzles
  79. Raisins
  80. Religious gifts – Bibles, Rosaries, Prayer Cards, Stickers
  81. Rubberband Bracelets
  82. Rubik’s Cube.
  83. Safety Scissors
  84. Sidewalk Chalk
  85. Slime (Try making homemade slime)
  86. Slinky
  87. Socks – Cool Colorful Funky Socks or Frilly Sock ( Because I love MaryJane’s and Frilly Socks.
  88. Sports Cards (baseball, basketball, football, hockey)
  89. Stickers
  90. Stuffed Animal
  91. Sunglasses
  92. Teddy Grahams
  93. Themed (Character) Band-Aids
  94. Travel Games
  95. Two Dollar Bill – My kid chimed in Twenty Dollar Bill! LOL!
  96. Water Color Kit (I always got these as a kid!)
  97. Whistle
  98. Wind-up Toys I love this one.
  99. Yo-Yo – I love vintage toys.
  100. Yo- Yo Book – Because we need to improve our Yo-Yo skills.


Easter Party Gift Bags – SO CUTE! If you stuff several baskets for children these lovely gifts bags are perfect! Grab yours here!

And that is 100 ideas!  I do give my kiddos a few sweet treats, but honestly, kids are overwhelmed with sugar these days. Enjoying an activity, or learning something new, reading a new book or planting a little garden are great ways to bring Easter joy to your children and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Note: This list of 100 No Candy Easter Basket Ideas are for all ages. Please take this into consideration and use your judgment and read manufacturing labels for all items you add to Easter Baskets for your family. You know best!

Enjoy your Easter shopping,

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing this! I have 6 kids and as you can imagine, the candy quantities can get a bit outrageous over here. It is always nice to have an alternative to so much sugar!

  2. Great ideas Pam, love the alphabetizing. It looks like your list is very encompassing, it can be for children young to teenager. I am now allergic to chocolate but my boys tell me that the purchased Easter chocolate is really low quality. I get my grand daughters Lindt chocolate that’s incredibly expensive when your filling a whole basket. Great alternative ideas to put in a basket. Thanks for the list.

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