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Halloween Pajama Boo Buckets

Halloween Pajama Boo Buckets are a twist on a favorite Christmas tradition and lots of fun for the family! Fill a bucket with a pair of pajamas, some books, a treat or two, and watch your little one’s eyes light up to receive a special surprise for a holiday that sparks lots of silly and a bit of spooky fun!

Halloween Pajama Boo Buckets with pumpkins and books.

This year, our surprise gift to the little ones in our family will be Pajama Boo Buckets! I am so excited to blend this cherished tradition into one fun HALLOWEEN surprise!

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For variety, I am sharing several printables for the occasion and all will be available for a limited time in the Momma Can Free Resource Library! Don’t miss the amazing resource for your Halloween Pajama Boo Bucket!

You can share your sweet surprise with the following free printables:

  • Happy Halloween!
  • Enjoy Your Pajama Boo Bucket!
  • You have been Pajama Booed!
  • You’ve Been Booed!
Free Printable Halloween Tags and Halloween Boo Tags and PJ Tags! SO many to choose from with your subscription!

Materials Needed for Halloween Boo Basket or Bucket

Yes, I tossed in an OR because sometimes we have extra baskets on hand from another gifting, Some love boxes, some love bags, and some love buckets variety is the spice of life! I would rather you use a container you have than go out and buy one!

After all, “A penny saved is a penny earned.”

If you are looking for special containers, here are a few ideas where to find some good ones and some cheap ones! 


  1. Cute Bucket
  2. Pajamas
  3. Halloween Books
  4. Treats (Candies, Hot Chocolate, Chocolates)
  5. Ribbon for a cute bow.
  6. Bright White Card Stock for Printing or Buy a simple tag and write your own!
  7. FREE printable adorable gift tag from Momma’s Amazing Library!


Halloween Candy Bucket

I find local Halloween candy buckets at Target, Walmart, or Amazon. I grabbed a couple of colorful ones at Target on my last Target Spree! You may find cute buckets, Dollar Tree, Michael’s, and Joann’s Fabric.

I am talking about the super simple orange, and sometimes blue and pink hard plastic buckets, usually with some kind of ghost or pumpkin image on the front. They range from about a dollar to around three bucks. Not bad to hold goodies, and later used as a candy bucket because it has that convenient handle attached.

Recycle an Easter basket for this gift idea, choose baskets you can use the entire year for your Halloween night treat bucket, or even use a storage pail from the local hardware store.

I also am using this one from Amazon as a gift for my teenager who loves Halloween.

Y’all, I am not kidding, since he was old enough to search google for costumes he has been planning his every year right after Christmas. He loves scary films during this spooky season, so I might throw in a “fright” mask in case he hits the local houses for candy, because you know candy is a big draw even for teens!

Hallowewn Pajama Boo Bucket with free printable gift tag with subscription

Children’s Halloween Costumes in the Bucket

You may want to skip the PJs and add books and a new costume with a matching character bucket if you can find one! Imagine adding this surprise to your child’s bedroom with some treat candy and the books as part of a NEW but soon-to-be favorite tradition!

Honestly, do what makes you happy, you know your kiddos better than anyone!

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