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Laundry Room Tidy

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Messy Laundry Room

So this happened in my crazy busy life. It is a mix of me not putting things away, my laundry machine husband not knowing where the dish towels go in the kitchen, and random items that cannot seem to find a home. Result, depressing clutter. The Fix!  Two simple 5 minute timer sessions.  Let’s take a look.

Almost Tidy Laundry Room

The first five-minute session was simply putting items away and organizing a shelf so that the extra trash bags would have a home.

Tidy Laundry Room

The second session was putting my junk away. Yep, I claim the rest as stuff that needed to be line-dried and a pot that apparently wanted to nest in the laundry but was put back into the large kitchen tool closet. (I am a kitchen collector, so the coat closet is a kitchen closet.)

I am loving this tidy space!

Simple Daily Challenge : Tidy your laundry area for 5 simple minutes!  You will be amazed what you can accomplish in five simple minutes.

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