Clutter Crime, Spider-man and A Blast From The Bast


Happy Monday!   I am sitting here sipping my coffee and getting ready to fight some clutter crime and oh, boy do I have a bunch of rooms to conquer.

I just rolled in from a little family vacation and of course my sweet husband did what he always does when we come from a trip. Dumps everything on the floor in the living room and then apparently waits for the Magical Clutter Fairies to show up to clear up the mess.

Do you know anyone that does this?


While we were away, we treated the boys to the new action flick, The Amazing Spider – Man starring Andrew Garfield and it was absolutely so much fun. I love a comic book hero who not only saves the day, but has a sense of humor and this movie fit the bill.

But to be honest, my first memory of Spiderman was on the Electric Company many moons ago and it featured my one of my favorite actors of all time, Morgan Freeman.  Take a peek at this blast from the past.
Fight clutter crime, pick up and put away 100 pieces of clutter or as much as you can in around 5 to 15 minutes.  This is completely easy if you have a little Lego bandit or Barbie shoe collector in the house.  Because, all toys count, as well as loose change and junk mail!

Let’s Go Moms!  Fight Crime, Clutter Crime

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