50 Stocking Stuffer Ideas For Children and Teens

Grab this awesome list of 50 Christmas Stocking Stuffer Ideas For Children and Teens.
50 Stocking Stuffer Ideas For Children and Teens

Hi friends, today I am sharing 50 Stocking Stuffer Ideas For Children and Teens. Stocking Stuffers are so much fun during the holidays. The oversized sock is a Christmas tradition that allows the giver to be a little silly and a little nostalgic.

I remember my very first stocking gift, a super plain Beach Barbie. However, when I glanced under the tree Santa had set up a spectacular campsite, complete with a tent, camp stove, picnic gear and Ken all dressed up in a pair of red swim trunks. I still remember that Christmas, like it was yesterday.  So much fun.

Listed below are 50 fun, nostalgic, new, tasty, handy, and just plain goofy stocking stuffer ideas for your children and teens!  I am sure you will find something to add to the stocking and perhaps trigger a happy memory or two from your childhood.

50 Stocking Stuffer Ideas For Children and Teens

1.Chocolates – I am a believer that chocolate is a favorite to most people.  Two carefully wrapped fine chocolates for grownups and a little sack of favorites for the kids.

2.Batteries- Chances are there is something the kids have received for Christmas that will need batteries. Santa will become their hero when they saw those glistening batteries fall out of that stocking to power up the loudest most obnoxious toy in the world.

3.Fun socks – Colorful, comical, political, and lyrical, fun socks are for everyone on your stocking stuffer list. You can find them at specialty stores local stores. I loved this one.  (You Can Do It – coffee)

4.Fizzing Bath Bombs –  I love seeing a tub of steaming hot water fizz up with exquisite scents and fun colors. You can buy fancy ones at Lush or look at these, they are pretty nice and come in a six-pack to divide up between the stockings.

5. Fortune Cookies– Grab some fancy ones at a local bakery or order here. 

6. Nail Clippers – Because we know they are inexpensive and our kids lose them all the time.  Someplace in this house there is a stockpile of nail clippers, and when I find them, I am going to have a yard sale.

7.Yoga Toes- Because everyone needs a ” What the heck is this gift?”  Plus, it goes well with the nail clippers.

8. Hot Wheels – Mom’s everywhere have been scarfing up those little cars to stuff stockings since 1968 and cursing the next day because those suckers are scattered all over the house.  But seriously, we love digging through the racks at the toy store looking for that one special car that will make our little race car drivers smile.

9. Card Games –  Cards are awesome because they fit in the stocking, they are inexpensive and nostalgic.  I really love UNO and Miles bourne.

10. Lip balm – another stocking staple for many years. My new favorite is by J.R. Watkins. Grab some for yourself here.

11. Itunes Gift Cards –  These nifty little cards can get pricey, make sure your recipient own Apple products. 

12. Handheld Old School Video Games – Like this classic Electronic Football Game or perhaps a rousing game of electronic Yahtzee.

13. I can’t believe I am saying this yet again in 2016, Pokemon Trading Cards.

14. Rag Doll – I love the traditional Raggedy Ann, but it seems that all the old-school toys are making a big comeback and a little rag doll peeking out of the stocking is just adorable.


15. Candy Canes – No longer are we stuck we plain old peppermint Candy Candy now we can go as far as having them flavored like PICKLES!  Which reminds me of the German tradition of hiding the pickle in the Christmas Tree!

16. Micro Block Sets – These tiny block sets are for the more patient and detailed oriented recipient on your stocking stuffer list.

17. Oranges Fresh oranges are a long tradition in my family.  I don’t know why but I always looked forward to grabbing that fruit for breakfast after opening presents and playing as a child.

18. Nuts in shells – Another treat in our stocking growing up were a cup or so of nuts in shells.  I think cracking nuts was my first culinary experience besides eating. 🙂  I still have the bowl my mom used to hold an assortment of nuts and the cracker; it is going to my oldest son when he purchases his first home.

19.  DVD’s – Who doesn’t love a fun movie in their stocking to watch after the festive days have come to an end. How about Rudolph’s Shiny New Year?

20. Coloring Book – Today they are not just for kids so grab some for the little ones and grab a few the grown-ups.

21. Model cars and airplanes. Thankfully the ones that fit in a stocking are pretty inexpensive.

22. Bubble Bath – I don’t know what it is about goofy cartoons on bubble bath bottles, but it has always been a real blessing when the kiddos were on an anti-bath week.  Nothing makes tub time more fun than bubbles!


23.Comic Books – Each kid has different tastes but my kid loves comics, and they opened up many doors for him because they encouraged him to read more. Make sure you read through the comic before gifting, many of them can have very adult themes. I suggest visiting the local comic book store and asking the clerks for ideas on age-appropriate material.

FLASH BACK – When my oldest son was little we would place a trail of comics to his stocking.  He loved it!  You could do the same with trading cards or race cars.

24. Old Fashioned Candy Sticks – I always see these at the Cracker Barrel and, boy if I were five again I would sit in a corner and eat ten of these.  These yummy sticks of candy come in lots of flavors, and everyone has their favorites.

25. Apples – I asked several folks on Facebook what they remember receiving in their stocking as children, and so many said apples!  Yum! Throw in some caramels, and I think we have a winner!

25 more ideas to go for our  Christmas Stocking Stuffer Ideas For Children and Teens.

26. Books – Yes, I am a believer in an honest to goodness book, with pages and pictures and anything else that can keep my kids attention.  Why? Because it does not make noise and will make his smarter!  Books are real treasures if you take the time to choose books that interest the child. Have them send Santa a book list as well as the gift list.

27. Art supplies – markers, crayons, paints and more. The choices are endless, and they fit pretty nicely in a stocking, which is awesome.


28. Lifesavers –  several friends on Facebook chimed in on the Lifesaver Book. Mmm, I love Lifesavers, let me know in the comments your favorite flavor!  I could only find the gummy book on Amazon, but I bet you can find the hard candy version at Target or Walmart.

29. Fun Bandaids – Because boo-boos happen.  I loved the film Inside Out! How about the bandaids and the movie? Win, win for the Christmas Stocking.

30.  Mittens – Because, they are cozy and fuzzy and the kittens lost them, so we have to keep replacing them.

31. Jump RopeThere is nothing like exercise Christmas Morning. The nice thing about jump ropes, they come preassembled.

32.  Toothbrush –  Yes, it sounds lame, but toothbrushes come with your favorite superhero or Disney Characters these days. Heck, I have seen a few that play theme songs.

33. Dental Floss –  Okay, so maybe I sound like a MOM right now, but flossing is just so important and dental floss fits very nicely in even the tiniest of Christmas Stockings!

34. Sock Monkeys – These monkeys have been around forever, and their funny red hats and silly smiles make them so huggable you are going to want one for yourself.

35. Christmas Ornament – Choose one that reflects your child, spouse, or loved one’s personality.

36. Bubble Gum – If your kids are old enough share with them chewing gum flavors from your youth, green apple from Super Bubble is my favorite and Juicy Fruit was a  favorite when I asked folks on Facebook.

37. Jewelry– What young girl would not like to find some shiny baubles to adorn her Christmas pajamas?  This Kitty bracelet is adorbs.

38. Hair bows are another fun dress up item for Christmas stockings.


39. Wind Up Toys –  Wind up toys are a novelty that never gets old. Now, I won’t say they will not get annoying after the 155th time your kid asks you to wind it up, but they are much fun. I love this one.  Bruno the Bike Riding Bear

 40. Slinkies –  Still so much fun after all of these years.  If you have stairs,  Slinky’s are an excellent choice, and with patience, children can use their Lego’s and build stairs for the Slinkies to walk down.
41. Phone Chargers –  I mean they get lost, and you have to buy them again anyway. We moms can get a step ahead by stuffing their Christmas stockings with them!

Let’s Talk Tweens and Teens Stocking Stuffers!

The Girls
42. Makeup Brushes
43. Lip glosses and sheer lipsticks
44. Scrumptious Lotions
45. Flip Flops –  Help your girly girl keep her pedicure from smudging with some new flip-flops. Hey, get yourself a pair as well.
47. Wet Brush – I love this and if your daughter or loved one has thicker hair, this is the bomb to comb it out wet!
The Guys48. Hair Pomade – This is a great price and good brand. American Crew Pomade
49. Micro-Drones – like this one. Batwing Micro Drone
48. Movie Gift Cards
49. Starbucks Gift Cards
50. Visa Gift Cards or Amazon Gift Cards
I hope you found something to add your kids or special young person’s stocking this Christmas with this list of 50 Stocking Stuffer Ideas For Children and Teens. Stocking stuffers are a fun way to add whimsy and cheer to their Christmas Morning!
Did you have a Christmas Stocking Growing Up?
I would love to hear what kind of gifts, fruits, and candies you found inside and what was your favorite! 
50 Stocking Stuffer Ideas Your Children and Teens Will Love
50 Christmas Stocking Stuffer Ideas Children and Teens will Love - Mommacan.com


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  1. Great ideas!The batteries are one of the best for all those battery operated gifts. I would add hot chocolate packages. I forgot one year, and my kids were super mad! 🙂

  2. Great list of ideas Pam!! We haven’t done stockings in years….not sure where I would hang them all now that we have spouses and grandlittles, but I am thinking about it!

  3. I cracked up at your toothbrush suggestion. I have a beloved nephew who now has a family of his own, but since he has been a little boy, we have just been on the same page with our interests. A couple of years ago, I bought him a toothbrush that played the Star Wars theme song when you start brushing. I think I embarrassed him, but it made me smile!

  4. Funny, but we didn’t have stockings growing up. I didn’t have one until I was an adult. My brother always got the Life Saver book. I never got one though & I wanted one. I would have loved to have one of those ponies on a broomstick, or a rocking horse. Didn’t get that either. Gee I sound complain-ey. I had wonderful thoughtful Christmases. Don’t you always want what you don’t have…LOL. You have some great ideas though. I’m stumped with what to get a tween granddaughter. Your post has given me some ideas.

    1. Tweens are a trying age and I did find some fabulous lotion at Marshall’s that smells like different treats. My niece loves them. They are by Hempz or something like that.

    1. I add lip balm to each stocking every year. If they leave it behind, they will be asking for it during the winter at some point. lol. My youngest goes straight for the treats. lol

  5. Every year Santa brings us all a toothbrush in the stocking. LOL I know it’s odd, but it’s now a tradition in our family. The stocking is also filled with candy. Makes for a mixed message, eh? My kids are at the age where gift cards are one of their favorite things. Especially Starbucks and iTunes! Great list. Pinning to come back to.

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