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Back to School Boogie – Child’s Room Clutter Fix in 10 minutes – Closet

School Days will be back before you know it.  I am getting ahead of old Father Time and getting my son’s room, study area, and supplies ready for an optimized school year.

I figured I would take the bull by the horns and start in the messiest, scariest, cluttered part of my son’s life, his closet.  Oddly enough, I have already donated several bags of clothing and toys at the end of the school year.  Apparently, it was only a little chip off the old clutter block because today I filled another 4 bags of donations and 1 bag of plain old junk.   For some reason our entire collection of couch and chair throws were bunched up in his closet.  Why? Who knows?  Maybe he is collecting them to sell on Ebay or building tents after his dad and I are asleep.

Lucky me he is attending morning camp today or this would have never happened.  Lucky me, I purchased those Hefty Black Out Bags from Target and when he comes home he will have no idea what is in those bags.  This really works for me, because I can put the donations by the door in the front family room and he will be none the wiser.  This will allow me to finish up tomorrow morning and hopefully have his room completely clutter- fixed so that I can decided what items need to be added and what items need some organizing and cleaning.

Do you need to Clutter Bust your child’s room?  Which room in the house needs a good clutter-fix?

Simple Daily Challenge for the Day: Give your child’s room a 10 minute clutter-fix and when you are finished pat yourself on the back because you are moving forward in making your home more organized and because you are simple a rocking momma.


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  1. started doing this in my son’s room. We have less than a month to go before school starts.. Time to start thinking about clothes and back to school supplies. We will be clearing things up and taking inventory next week of what all the kids need.

  2. I have done the garbage bag thing, but then my kids open it when I’m not looking. So now I put the garbage bags in the back of my car. That way they won’t open it. I could sure use a lot more organization in my life. I homeschool, take care of my house and 3 kiddos, and am returning to school PT in the fall. I feel like I’m going overboard…apparently I think I’m super woman! Thanks for the comment on my blog. I’m following you (ELLE) on GFC now.

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