Three Simple Tasks and Olympic Clutter Busting Update

I have made tremendous progress in my son’s room in preparation for the new school year.  If it seems I am procrastinating, I am not, the local schools start a little bit later this year.

I am also trying to encourage my son to participate in the process of getting his things ready more this year than last year.  He is dragging his heels, but this momma will win, no doubt in the end.

Now let’s get to our Simple Tasks for today which are still focusing on the children’s bedrooms.

  1. Clean all hand prints and other random spots and crayon marking off the bedroom walls.
  2. Dust the Light fixtures and window shades if needed.
  3. Dust all the furniture, books and knickknacks.

And that is pretty much it for the day aside from Olympic Clutter Busting.

Earlier this week I pledge to clutter bust 1900 items in honor of the first woman Olympian at the games in France in the year 1900.  So far I have organized, tossed or given away 242 items.  I have quite a ways to go.

I hope you can join me in honoring the women who work so hard to achieve their dreams!  I may not be able to run, swim, dive, flip or ride as well as those young woman Olympians, but I can Fight Clutter Crime in their honor!


Let’ Get To It Moms!

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  1. What a great idea! I have tons of stuff to declutter around this house. Take Care


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