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Back to School – Dinner Made Easy – Slow Cooker

easy crockpot recipes

Simplify and organize meal times this school year with a slow cooker. I encourage you to find and try easy recipes to create an aresenal of GO TO meals during really busy times of the school year. Soups and stews make great meals in a slow cooker as well as my favorite shredded BBQ chicken.

Here are a few links to get you started on your Slow Cooker Recipe Collection.

1. Five Ingredient Slow Cooker Meals from BHG

2. Chinese Style Rice and Soup from the Food Network.

3. Easy Slow Cooker BBQ

4. Easy Slow Cooker Chicken from Emeril at the Foodnetwork

5. Slow Cooker Chili from a Taste of Home


These are just a few that triggered my tummy to rumbling and I am anxious to try Emeril’s recipe this week because I normally just rest the bird on a bed of carrots when I am slow cooking a whole chicken.  Oops, my tummy is a rumbling again.

Question: What is your favorite Crock Pot or Slow Cooker recipe?


Have a joyful weekend!

*Back To School Organize to Optimize with finish up on Monday and Tuesday Next week!  Its the weekend folks, enjoy some family time.

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  1. The chicken in the slow cooker sounds so good.

    I like to cook a stuffed pork or beef roast seasoned with Tony’s Cacheres with onions and bell peppers and chopped potatoes and carrots. YUM!

      1. Chillly? WOW.. It’s humid and hot here in La. 🙂 I froze some cooked beef, so I took it out and having mashed taters and veggie tonight. We had stew the other day! We use a stew starter that has rice and little pasta..its weird for stew but good…I add more veggies and meat to it..yum..

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