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BACK TO SCHOOL FOR MOM {Must Haves} 2022

It’s that time of year again! Back to School days are here and I am sharing my 2022 must-haves just for busy mommas! Moms become track and field stars at Target, Walmart, and all things school. We purchase school supplies and pay for a million random “suggestions” from our child’s school. Some are uniform stress-shopping for pants that fit that our kids will not hate and some of us are just trying to find the right shoe that matches the left that somehow was lost two days after purchase.

So this morning I am writing up all the things that make me feel like I have some control and definitely feel like I have a little peace and joy during the mayhem of mom-back-to-school-crazy times.

This post will include the favorite items for my back-to-school mom’s life for planning and my morning routine. And yes, this year I am actually back to school myself, so a little of mommy as a student survival items are included.

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Good Morning Busy Mom

Listed below are my must-haves for my morning routine! This does not include my makeup, I use LimeLife! Love it.

Coffee before the things. Because this momma needs her coffee first thing! I love my coffee mug collection. My favorite is a Target much that says, “This Call For A Happy Dance!

My second favorite is “Good Morning Sunshine”. Find it here.

Good morning Plank, Exercise, and Meditation

Every morning I do my Leslie Sansone DVD or online program. I just love it.

Grab this Eco Friendly Yoga Mat Here

Right before I exercise, I assume the plank on a cushy yoga mat for as long as I can, and then do some mindful meditation with the Headspace App on my phone.

Then I get ready for the day with a quick shower using an uplifting body wash that gives me scented energy!

Next, I put on the comfiest pair of dark wash jeans, a top that works for online meetings, and my comfy Sanuk everyday comfy slip-on shoes and I am ready to conquer the world! (online)

Look! This is the same one I use with black and white stripes!

And now my go-to tool for planning! I buy dozens of planning tools, but this one is hands down my favorite of all time. It has a daily page that rocks!


The daily page includes schedule by the hour, top three Todos, a quote for motivation, a detail area for tasks, a section called Tonight for planning dinner or outings, and a spot for daily gratitude. I use the space at the top to keep track of a goal I am working on, this month it is planking which I intend to do forever! I feel so much stronger! Sometimes, simple paper planners and an amazing erasable grape purple pen are just what you need to get things done!

What are your must-haves in the morning? I would love to learn about your routine in the comments below!

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