Create A Morning Routine That Fits Your Busy Life

Creating your best morning routine sounds silly to some moms and overwhelming to others. But a routine is useful once you have it crafted just for your busy life. Good morning practice saves time and frustration for you and your family! You can create your best morning ritual in minutes and start having better mornings starting tomorrow!  

Enjoy a fresh cup of coffee in the morning with tips.

Do you ever wonder why mornings fly and leave you feeling exhausted?  

Wouldn’t it be nice if mornings came as natural as tying your shoes or typing on a keyboard while looking at a screen? 

We do these things out of practice! 

Guess what, morning routines can work the same way we just have to create the one that fits our life and recognize that sometimes a plan just fails. Always allow extra time for life’s mishaps and a backup plan for when those things happen. 

The Right Morning Routine Is Different For Everyone.

Each family has different needs. This means each mom will have a different morning routine. 

Therefore, there is no way to search online for the perfect morning routine. No one person will have the same set of needs, goals, and musts that your family has. 

For example, some moms might have spouses that leave at 4:00 am and they get up with them (for some insane loving reason) for a coffee and a chat before they leave for work. 

Empty nest moms will have a range of different needs, this can include grandchild care or to get ready for work.

Another example: Many families have over one child under the age of five. Their mornings will have lots of activity and mayhem. But a mom with teenagers will have a unique set of expectations for their kids and less to monitor. 

Every mom and family example requires a fresh approach to morning routines!

Today we are covering the busy mom’s morning routine! One that will be completed, in theory, before the kids are up!


Are you ready to take your exhausting morning from chaos to calm? Grab our free printable planning worksheets and get ready to build your best morning routine!

We will not cover basics like getting dressed, hair, makeup, etc. These are must-dos that you will add to the routine you create. Just remember to make sure you allow time for all the must do’s!

What Makes An Awesome Morning Routine?

Key activities for busy moms’ early morning rituals should include:

  • Time for reflection or meditation and gratitude.
  • Time for well-being through nourishment and movement.
  • One thing that motivates your day, something that brings you joy and energy!
  • Connect with someone.
  • Allow enough time to complete the routine.
  • Don’t neglect to prepare.
  • Turn off distractions.
  • Simplify spaces to save time.
  • Tweak your routine as needed.

Reflection and Gratitude.

Starting the morning with quiet reflection and gratitude is beneficial because it allows us to set the mood for the day.
Taking a couple or minutes to appreciate moments of joy in your life and reflecting on the people you love can give you a boost of positivity.   Even just slowly sipping that first cup of coffee in the morning and gazing at the sunrise can inspire a feeling of gratitude. 

Many love to journal a few sentences each morning to capture things they are grateful for that day. Then in troublesome times they can read through these journal notes and remember the joy.

Fresh yogurt Breakfast

Well-Being and Nourishment.

  • Your morning should have time for a good stretch and even some light exercise. For just a few moments, move and appreciate your strength. 
  • Hydration in the morning is helpful to replenish your body after a sleep and ice water can boost your morning alertness. 
  • Eating a healthy breakfast that pairs carbs with proteins curbs hunger and energizes your body. 

Stretch, Hydrate, Eat Healthily for an exceptional morning

I often have a soft-boiled egg, steamed spinach, and a slice of tomato or yogurt, berries, and a bit of crunchy granola. Honestly, these two are my favorite breakfasts. 

My absolute favorite morning exercise is Leslie Sansone and the App and Videos! I use it daily.

Happy Boosts Every Morning.

Include one or two practices that give you a happy boost.  These practices should only take a minute or two each. Examples: Reading, working on a word or math puzzle, nature watching, or just write things that make you happy!

Your wellbeing and nourishment are essential to your morning routine. They are building blocks of health in mind, body, and spirit. 


Are you ready to take your exhausting morning from chaos to calm? Grab our free printable planning worksheets and get ready to build your best morning routine!

Connect with Someone

Connect with someone that makes you happy. Through your day you often connect with all kinds of people, some you love, some you work with, and there will always be a few rotten apples in our connections. 

You need a positive connection for positive emotion in the morning.

You create your morning routine to set your day up for success. Starting the morning connecting with someone that brings you happiness gives you a burst of energy and positive emotions.  There are many ways to connect – below is my example.

My husband gifts me a cup of coffee every morning.  We tell each other “I Love You,” and he usually says, “have a good day”. We have practiced this same ritual our entire married life. I also try to send a text to at least one of my family members that is positive. I am sending out good vibes for their day, which also sets me up with good feelings. It’s a practice that brings joy to both parties! 

Hugging my kids when they were little was also a big happiness action for my mornings. Now they groan, but if I see them, you better believe they are getting a hug. 

You can also play with your cat (If he or she is in the mood) or have snuggles with your dog and play a round of catch. Animals really can be a joy point for busy moms.

Allow Enough Time For Your Morning Routine.

Your morning routine takes time to complete. It’s not magic, however, it becomes more efficient in practice and that will save time.  This means you will have to get up early to complete your list of things you need and want to do. You need to remember that sleep is essential for a good morning so set the clock to give you the ZZZ‘s you need.   Busy moms need their sleep!

Busy moms need their sleep! Most adults need 6 to 8 hours of rest each night!

For me: I feel especially better with a good eight hours, but anything less than six and I am not at my best. 

I love waking up naturally by going to bed early, it just feels better. If this does not work for you set an alarm clock and remember, hitting the snooze button is a big time-waster, and time is precious.

Don’t Neglect To Prepare. 

Don’t get behind in your morning routine before you even start! Prepare for the day by making lunches for the week or the night before. Planning breakfast and having backpacks, purses, and work bags ready to go in the morning. 

For example, Each of our family members takes showers in the morning. When both boys lived at home, one had to get up extra early to get in and out of the shower for school.  We fixed the schedule so our youngest took his shower at night to save time and stress!  

Turn Off Distractions.

Turn off electronic distractions in your morning routine. I know many people have to get their news fix (or Social Media) in the morning, which is fine. But when you first start your routine refrain from using these electronic gadgets, especially your smartphone! Phones can be huge time burners!   Time in the morning for busy moms is a big deal!

Time in the morning for
busy moms is a big deal! 

Try making it a practice to finish your morning routine and then before you wake up the kids or head out to work, take a few minutes to catch up on the news. (or whatever your friends are having for breakfast on Instagram!)

Simplify Spaces to Save Time.

I know talking about clutter is a sore spot with lots of folks, especially my teenager!

But you really will save time if you optimize certain rooms in your home.  These rooms include the kitchen, bathrooms, closets, laundry or service room, and entryway. Why? Because an organized room means you can find things, and lost things are another big time-waster, like electronics. 
Organize these spaces for the best morning routine. Yes, it takes time, but it saves more time.


Are you ready to take your exhausting morning from chaos to calm? Grab our free printable planning worksheets and get ready to build your best morning routine!

Tweak Your Routine As Needed and Practice, Practice, Practice!

Once you have gathered all your thoughts, created your morning routine, and have practiced it a few times, fix what doesn’t work. It is really that simple. 

Your morning routine will strengthen and change as you develop and your children grow more self-motivated. Embrace the fact that no written morning routine is perfect and sometimes things will just not get done. Life happens, and we just have to roll with the punches and do our best.

And don’t forget, it takes TIME to learn new habits. As you practice your morning system, you will learn how to do each action quicker and without too much thought. That is the beauty of creating a habit of your morning routine!’

Get Ready To Wake Up and Embrace Joy.

You may never have the perfect morning! But honestly, you will feel better with choosing to take care of you first thing so you can take care of everyone and everything else with a happier spirit! 

You will start the day on your terms and choosing things that will support your health, well-being, and happiness!

Create A Busy Mom Morning Routine

Don’t forget to download the worksheets to create your Busy Mom Morning Routine! 

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