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How To Organize Your Bedside Table

Organize your bedside table and keep it organized with three simple steps. You will love waking up every morning and looking at your beautiful side table! Organized nightstand drawers will make life so much easier!

If you shove everything and anything into your bedside table drawers and end up having the darn drawer jam because it is too full to open, this message is for you!

When you find the nightstand covered with used tissues, greeting cards from the 90s, and cough drop wrappers, this post will truly make your day!

Friend, it is time to organize your bedside table and turn it into one of your favorite places to hang out and enjoy that first sip of coffee peeking at the sunrise in the morning, and that perfect spot to smooth on some scented lotion and slip between the cool sheets of your cozy bed.

Let’s Organize Your Bedside Table

  1. Declutter and put away strays.
  2. Find and Organize Your Keepers
  3. Keep the top of the table simple, but add something that makes you happy!

Need a nightstand or bedside table? Check out this post!

No one’s nightstand is the same. Some are small, with just enough room for a phone charger and maybe a small lamp or vase. Larger tables may have shelves, drawers and lots of surface space. Perfect for a good-sized clock and a few framed photos or stacked with books.

However, these handy tables are clutter-bugs. They can attract all kinds of things that take away from what should be a useful table.

1. Declutter the Nightstand First

Decluttering the nightstand will quickly clean up any trash and give you the opportunity to send out-of-place items to their correcting nesting space. Place bills and other household paperwork in a filing system away from the bedroom. Create a space in the kitchen, at a desk, or other out of the way space, like a wall near the garage entrance.

For keepsakes, like greeting cards you want to treasure, find a pretty box to store the most wanted favorites. Store in a drawer or perhaps in the closet for an occasional peek to enjoy those memories! Hey, if you really love reading your cards, keep a few in the drawer! This is your nightstand, and you keep what you love! Just remember, a stuffed drawer does not have the same invitation to use and enjoy as a simplified and tidy drawer.

Here is a quick list of items to kick-start your decluttering:

  1. Books you have read, or just got bored with, “Let it go”!
  2. Broken costume jewelry or watches that you no longer use after buying a smartwatch.
  3. Cough drops from your last flu or cold, they are usually dusty. Who wants a dusty cough drop?
  4. Random stacks of Post-it-notes. Just grab a small spiral for random note-taking or brainstorming. (So much cheaper)

2.Find and Organize Your Keepers

Organize like items together and remove as much as possible. Keepers should be the essentials in your nightstand and one or two happiness triggers to enjoy when you wake in the morning and when you go to sleep.

If you have a drawer or a set of drawers, create landing spaces for each item. This is essential for upkeep in drawers, cabinets, and really any space!

Grab my three easy steps to organize your nightstand.

Essentials for Nightstand

If you have just one drawer, use it wisely. Consider these essentials listed below.

  • Small quality flashlight for power outages.
  • Lotion and Chapstick: Because chapped lips and dry hands are sleep thieves.
  • A small pack of facial tissues.
  • A notepad and pen for quick brainstorming.
  • Kindle E-reader
  • A loved book or two. I have this one and one for nighttime devotion.

I also keep a small jewelry box for pieces I wear daily.

3. Keep The Top Simple and Happy

Essentials for the top of the nightstand table is truly preference. Here is what I have.

  1. A lamp, I love the adjustable height.
  2. Combination Charger for iPhone, Apple Watch, and Airpods ( I am an Apple gal!)
  3. Three books and a picture I love of my husband and myself on the Queen Mary.

These are just a few, I often have a water bottle and a pretty coaster to enjoy the sunrise while I have my first cup of coffee.

Truly, the top of the table should be as simplified as possible, functional, and have at least one item that makes you smile.

Organizing Your Nightstand Is Easy

Organizing your nightstand with three simple ideas in mind takes very little time and is so wonderful when you finish.

Waking up you will see your one or two items that bring you happiness. You will find the alarm in a snap because the items on top will be minimal.

Going to sleep will be glorious. You will easily find your favorite books or Kindle. Big plus, finding your lotion and lip balm will be a snap!

I encourage you to organize your bedside table today!

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