Clutter Is A Time Waster and a Heart Breaker

Clutter Its A Crime

It is Monday and we are here to fight clutter crime and win!

  • Clutter is a time waster.  It tends to zap us of our peaceful mornings as we rush around to find our keys and computer case or purse.
  • Clutter is a heart breaker.  When we come home to the chaos of clutter we are not a peace.  We are at war with clutter and cannot have quality time with our family that is completely joyful.

I have been a clutter collector my whole life.  I feel sometimes being a military brat caused me to start keeping things just so  I could have physical memories of all the places I lived.  Concrete evidence of the nomadic lifestyle that followed me into my every day life once I was married and settled into one town.

Well, enough of these excuses.  It is Monday and we are picking up and putting away, donating, recycling or trashing 100 items of clutter.  Yes, empty shampoo bottles and random golf balls count.

I will see you in the morning bright and early for our next round of organizing for the month.

Now, lets see who can get their 100 items for clutter crime fighting the quickest!  


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