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Back to School Organizing – Study Area Clutter

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Student Desk and Study Area Clutter- Let’s Get Rid Of It!

Today we are working on areas where our children study and complete homework assignments.  This could mean a desk, the kitchen table, a corner in your home office or just any random place in the house. As our children grow and move up  in grade levels and change extra curricular activities there need for space to study changes as well as the tools they use.

In many cases during summer break these study area become cluttered with summer stuff or just plain old clutter, the kind the grows everywhere else in the house. Today we are taking back these areas with our first step, Clutter Busting or decluttering.  Remove the unnecessary stuff to make room for optimized study and project work.

Let’s Get Started:

1. Take a before photo of desk areas to give yourself a pat on the back later. ( totally optional, but fun)

2. Grab your trash bag, donation bag, and clutter box.

3. Throw away trash in all study areas.

4. Donate any items that are below grade level use, for example Kindergarten thicker pencils and crayons, Primer paper and other primary items. Many preschools and churches will gladly take these usable items off your hands.

5. Put any clutter that does not belong in these areas in the clutter box.

6. Throw out the trash, but donations in a designated area or in the trunk of your car.

7. Put away clutter box items.

8. Take an after photo and do a happy dance… we will organize tomorrow.

We are decluttering and organizing our child’s home areas to optimize the school year!  

Have a rocking day!

Pamela List aka Momma


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  1. Pamela just taking a before picture should be such a frightful experience for my kids that they will definitely throw everything out. Wheen does school start in your area> Here in Greece we start mid-September.

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