Take 5 and Give Your Junk Drawer Some Love

I knew I needed to do something about my junk drawer when I asked my son to grab the scissors out to cut open his newest Lego box.  I could hear him open it and then there was silence.  Me: Did you find the scissors? Son: I don’t think we have scissors any more momma!  The only thing in here is stuff. Me: *sigh*

And that really is what a nice handy extra drawer in the kitchen ends up turning into in the course of a life with a family.  It happens without any real cause.

1.  You are tidying up the kitchen and you discover a toy car and really don’t want to walk up the stairs to put it in the car bucket.

junk drawer

2. You have an extra pack of batteries and  don’t want to walk down into the garage to store them in the spare freezer.

junk drawer

3. Oldest son gets a new cell phone… old one goes straight into the…..

junk drawer

4. Husband doesn’t like the cheap golf balls he was given at Christmas…..

junk drawer

5. You hung a picture on the bathroom wall 8 months ago so the box of nails goes straight to the….

junk drawer

And that is pretty much how it happens.  Your hand dandy spare kitchen drawer is now the junk drawer.  Until one day, you can’t roll it shut.  It suddenly becomes the junk drawer that won’t close.

Does this sound familiar?  Don’t you want you handy-dandy kitchen drawer back?

Today’s Simple Daily Challenge is to declutter, organize and clean the junk drawer of your choice.  Mine is pictured above and I am not really ashamed, just mildly embarrassed.  Take five minutes and tidy up your junk drawer.  See how close you can get to bringing it back to its old handy-dandy self.


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  1. I’ve been living with my rents again for almost a year. Yesterday I discovered, 1. we have this same type of drawer in our kitchen. 2. There is nothing but this dreaded drawer in my teenaged sisters bathroom. What a wreck. 🙂

    1. Just remember this Chelsey, when the time is write I am going to ask you to go look in your kitchen drawer. : )

  2. I only wish I could clean up my junk drawer in five minutes. Something is lodged in there right now and the drawer will only open half way. In comparison to my drawer, er drawers (I have two) your drawer looks like it belongs to Martha Stewart. But here is something really fascinating, I know people who don’t even have a junk drawer. I can’t imagine.

    Fun post! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Oh, I am quite sure I cannot accomplish this one in five minutes. But I can make a pretty good dent in the mess. And I love, love, love your last post on the Art Museum.

  3. I guess everybody has one of these! It’s so much easier to just toss everything in there. I need to do a better job of organizing it. After I organize my pantry, closet, bookshelves…

  4. I can TOTALLY relate – we don’t have a junk drawer; we have a junk CABINET in the kitchen LOL Thanks for joining up on the GFC Follow the Leader hop! Newest follower!

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