Busiest Moms in the World Clutter Challenge Supporting The Budding Artist


Busiest Moms in the World Clutter Challenge Supporting The Budding Artist

Today we are zipping around the massive art collection we hoard for our children.

When our little ones pick up their first crayon and scribble their very first picture of what we usually call a dog but they call a “puppy running through the playground chasing a ball” we go art crazy.

Rushing to the nearest shopping district we scramble through aisles gathering anything and everything that will support our mini-Picasso in his or her obvious development into being the greatest artist of the century. This is the first step we unknowingly take into collecting and overwhelming amount of art stuff.


Then as our little Picasso grows we begin to have a collection of spectacular art pieces from each level and age and when we throw in his or her brother and sister master pieces we end up with boxes and bags, file folders and refrigerators filled to the brim, overflowing and overwhelming our senses.

More time passes and when we have that first class project of drawing a picture of our summer vacation we scramble through our mass of art supplies and can’t find the sea blue crayon to color the ocean or the jungle green to create a tree from grandma’s backyard.

We have created an art mess and we can’t find a simple pencil or glue stick because they are hidden in a mass of water colors, sidewalk chalk and paint brushes.

Let’s Get To It: The Art Collection


Whittling down our collection may be the most difficult thing we do as mommas. I am not encouraging you to toss the master pieces never to be seen again. But I can suggest taking a few digital photos or using the scanner on your printer to help control the chaos.


Today just simply decide what you want to keep of the master pieces. Scan what you can or take digital photos and keep one master piece from each stage of you children’s live

Just do what you have time for and keep it simple. Back up your digital files and give yourself a hug for supporting your budding artist and their dreams.

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  1. We have 4 Rubbermaid boxes(1 for each kid). We keep art work in there. I throw away alot more than my hubby. He is much more sentimental about this stuff! I did clean my foyer the other day! Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. The tubs area great idea! Thanks
    And I was sentimental until I realized that my oldest does not want to cart around every single thing I ever saved. I am trying to learn to keep the most important ones.

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