Busiest Moms in the World Clutter Challenge Desk Blues

Busiest Moms in the World Clutter Challenge Desk Blues

Where ever you work on your bills, planning, writing, coupon clipping, doodling and studying that is where we are hanging out for the next few days.

When school is in session my desk can go from clear to chaos inside of 10 minutes. If I don’t keep up something is bound to get misplaced. I have a huge inbox to keep me organized. I keep everything from dead camera batteries to bills in that box.

Some folks have an area in near their computer that is tiny dumping zone. If you have that spot then today is devoted to you.

Let’s Get Started:

Grab a box and a trash bag and maybe a couple of blank file folders.

Take everything on the flat surface of your work station that is a loose as a goose and sitting there bugging your peace and put it in the box.

Right this minute at a glance my top ten buggers are school papers, a math practice book for Little Guy, Transformers Dark of the Moon Action Pop-Ups, a huge bottle of orange scented body lotion, lipstick, and random coupons and a dictionary. and that is just tipping the barrel.


What do you have bugging your desk or work area?


Now after you fill your box, take each item and put it in its home. If it does not have a home then carefully find one.


This may take 2 minutes or much longer depending on your backlog of loose items.


Now, enjoy that tidy desk and peaceful clear space to help you do what you do best, momma-power sized to-dos and planning!


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