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Cooking Whole Chicken in Microwave

Cooking whole chicken in the microwave is not a myth! It actually works and it is juicy and delicious.  Try this recipe if you have the amazing Pampered Chef Deep Dish baker.

Cooking Whole Chicken in Microwave

Cooking Whole Chicken in Microwave

Every once in a while I come across something that totally changes my belief system.  Today it happens to be cooking chicken in the microwave.

Never in my wildest dreams did I think I could make a decent roast chicken in my rectangular wall-hugging popcorn maker.

Yes, I have cooked turkey bacon into what looks like bacon chips but never, ever meat.

Why do you ask? Because the chefs at the cooking school frowned upon all things microwave excluding one fish dish that was basically steamed. And also because, every single time I tried to cook a chicken leg it turn into rubber.  Pretty handy, if you need a six or seven rubber chicken legs.

However, today I busted out my Pampered Chef Stoneware covered baking dish and decided to give the 30-minute microwave bird recipe a try.  Of course I bought this one at a Pampered Chef Party while being mesmerized by the chopping and frying skills of the well-seasoned and seemingly jacked up on caffeine Pampered Chef Rep.  But, hey whatever she did to get me hooked worked, because my checking account was decidedly much lighter when I left that gig.

Here are the highlights of my special chicken day.

  1. Purchased to Organic Whole Birds from Costco- they come in twos,
  2. Unwrapped one whole bird, rinsed and patted it dry.
  3. Tucked his wings back, so he could relax.
  4. Slather him with some olive oil.
  5. Then sprinkled him with Tony’s Chachere’s New Orleans Style Seasoning and Mrs. Dash until he was nice and coated.
  6. Covered him with a large paper towel.
  7. Cook him into the microwave on high for 30 minutes.
  8. Realized when the timer went off that this bird was pretty big so kept him in there again for another 15 minutes. My bird weighed in almost five pounds.
  9. Took him out for a little rest.
  10. Cut him up, and by golly that bird was juicy and pretty tasty.
  11. Check the bird in several places with a temperature gauge to make sure it is cooked.  This is a Pampered Chef Recipe and if you have any doubts about cooking chicken in this method then please contact the company with your questions.

There you go!  You can cook chicken in the microwave.

You can find The Pampered Chef Deep Covered Baker for Oven and/or Microwave
on Amazon- this will keep you away from those parties.  Although I love the parties, they are really kind of fun.
And they serve dessert, and I love anything that resembles pie or brownies.  Wait, am I rattling again.

Later mommas!  You Rock!

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  1. Ive always been told that you should never cook protein in the microwave since it cooks really uneven… thanks for sharing this, I’m gonna have to try it.

    <3 jacqui

    1. I personally have never had a problem using the Pamper Chef Deep Dish cooking chicken in the microwave. But, you do need to make sure you check your meat in more than one place to make sure it is cooked through. This is a Pampered Chef recipe and product so I would suggest emailing that company if you have any doubts.
      thanks for stopping by,

  2. I knew the minute I read this title that you were going to mention this wonderful product from Pampered Chef. It works wonders and makes some of the most delicious and moist chicken you can put in your mouth.

  3. Ooh wow that’s awesome. But why not cook chicken in the microwave, right? I mean, if we buy a pre-packaged dinner we cook in the microwave.

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